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Red Dead Redemption treasure hunting is a pretty good way to build up some cash for John to spend on guns, supplies, and apples for his horse. Finding each of the nine treasures is a bit of an adventure in itself, and the supplies and treasures you get in each chest will help you out nicely on your main journey in Red Dead Redemption. That said, reading each map to find the secret loot locations isn't exactly easy, and can be pretty time-consuming, so to speed things up for you, we've laid out all the Red Dead Redemption treasure locations below.

Finding the first Red Dead Redemption treasure map

You’ll come across a lot of distressed people over the course of Red Dead Redemption and helping them can be a dangerous prospect. There is, however, at least one person worth saving. At random, alongside almost any large town, you’ll meet a treasure hunter being robbed by bandits. Save him and he’ll give you a treasure map. After this you’ll find a new map with each treasure.

Treasure Map 1

The first map displays pictures of a tree near a collection of boulders. From the tree hangs a noose. This is an easy representation of Hanging Rock.

Head to Hanging Rock and locate the tree with the noose. The treasure can be found in a narrow cranny at the base of the biggest boulder. You’ll find it under a pile of yellow rocks. Every hidden treasure will look similar upon discovery. Finding it will yield the treasure.

Treasure Map 2

The treasure is a bit trickier to find. On the map you’ll find the name “Rio Del Lobo.” Find this place on the map.

Also on the map is drawn a cliff, a rock formation with a gap in it and small campsite. Search the Rio Del Lobo area for the campsite as it is the most obvious landmark.

You’ll find the rocks with the gap nearby. Head through the gap and from there, you’ll need to walk across the cliffside to find the treasure. It’s easier said than done.

The map illustrates a rough path to it, but it isn’t very clear. Just keep trying and eventually you should find a path leading to find the treasure on the cliffside. If you fall down to the beach below – assuming you don’t die - you’ll need to start over and try again. Just remember the treasure is up on the cliff.

Treasure Map 3

If you’ve spent any time exploring the landscape at all, the structure illustrated in the third map should be easy to recognize. It’s the mansion in Tumbleweed near Gaptooth Ridge.

When you arrive at the mansion head around to the west side of the building. You’ll find a cellar door. Head down and walk straight until you reach the wall opposite the door you entered through.

Turn right and you’ll find the treasure on the floor beneath the pictured skull.

Treasure Map 4

You can’t access this treasure until you’ve completed the assault on Fort Mercer. Once you have access to the areas south of the river head north of Chuparosa.

You should encounter a pair of stone walls running near the water. Follow them until you find a tree covered in bull skulls.

From here head straight, back toward the stone walls. On the river side of the second stone wall you should find the treasure.

Treasure Map 5

Just east of Escalera are a group of rock towers. The treasure is on top of one of these.

Approach the rock towers. One of them spirals much like a staircase.

Climb to the top where you’ll find the treasure between the two boulders that cap it.

Treasure Map 6

In South Chuparosa there is, on one of the roads, a massive stone arch.

The treasure is under the left base of the arch.

If you’re facing it from the south it will be on the right.

Treasure Map 7

On the seventh treasure map, you’ll find illustrated a particular rock formation. This can be found off a road heading northwest out of Casa Madugada.

From this rock formation look to the southwest.

You should see a multi-tiered cliff face.

Head down to this cliff area. When you reach it, follow the path.

At the end you should find the treasure.

Treasure Map 8

The eighth map shows a large tree and a broken stone wall. These two landmarks can be found in Beechers Hope to the east of the Marston ranch.

When you arrive at the tree you should almost immediately see the broken stone wall.

The treasure lies in one of the gaps.

Treasure Map 9

The ninth and last treasure map shows a mountain path leading to a cave opening. This area can be found north of Manzanita Post in Tall Trees.

Follow the path into the snowy, mountain regions. You should come to a point where the path leads up the mountain. Follow it and when you reach the top you should be on a flat plateau area.

Toward the rear of this area is a small cave opening. Head inside to find the treasure.

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