After a PS5 restock today? Sony Direct is looking like your best bet

PS5 restock: January 20 2022
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PS5 restocks could be imminent today through Sony's PlayStation Direct store according to the official press release from the hardware manufacturer. 

Punters across the US and UK will be to be signed in to the PlayStation Direct Store with an email address associated with your PSN ID to have a chance at this PS5 restock. If you're selected, you will be issued with instructions and details on how to purchase the coveted system.

Given that PS5 restocks were previously available at Sony Direct exactly one week ago today, January 13, it's looking likely that a PS5 stock drop will go live today, though we cannot guarantee for sure or give an exact time. 

Sony has stated that it has a 'limited amount of PS5 consoles available for customers to purchase direct from PlayStation'. While a specific number of PS5 restocks has not been issued, given the trends we've observed over the past year, PS5 stock drops are likely to be very few in number across both the US and UK. 

It's worth reiterating that just because you receive an invitation to purchase a PS5 console, that does not guarantee that PS5 stock will be available. As Sony itself states: 'your purchase window is open for a limited time only and while supplies last'. We recommend keeping a close watch on your inbox today in case you get the good news from the hardware manufacturer. 

As for other retailers to watch for PS5 restocks, it has been a week since Gamestop and Walmart last had a stock drop, so we advise checking in with these retailers in case they go live with fresh supply today. 

PS5 restocks - retailer updates 

PS5 restocks - buying advice

According to certain rumors, PS5 restocks could be becoming slightly more challenging to get your hands on over the next few months. However, we've been tracking PS5 stock for some time now and have a few essential tips to help make your improve your purchasing chances. 

1. Have your payment information ready to go
Given just how competitive the field of PS5 restocks often is, we recommend having your bank card or alternative payment solution to hand in the chance you get invited to buy the console. 

2. Keep an eye out on your inbox
Given that it's highly likely that PS5 stock will go live today from Sony Direct, keeping a watch out for that email from Sony is the best way to ensure you don't miss out. 

3. Be patient
While PS5 restocks may seem rare, they tend to happen at least once a week. It's never worth paying far in excess for the system to a secondary reseller if you're unsuccessful today. 

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