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Prime Day Xbox Series X deals: save big on headsets, games, and more

Xbox Series X prime day deals
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The Amazon Prime Day Xbox Series X deals are still going strong. We're still hoping that it might be the biggest and best opportunity to get our hands on the actual console from Amazon this year so far, but along with that potential here, Prime Day is still a great opportunity to pick up lots of cheap gear and games. The summer sale event is going for the rest of today and is sure to be packed to the rafters with lots of remaining excellent deals - but also some more might crop up. We will say that it is on the second day that some deals do start to become out of stock so make sure you can act early today if you're still in the hunt!

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Much like the buzz around the Prime Day PS5 deals, we think Amazon has been holding onto large supplies of Xbox Series X stock over the last few months. That's because compared to other big stores in the US, Amazon really hasn't posted stock online anywhere near as much as the likes of Walmart and Best Buy. 

Amazon loves bragging about massive numbers after Prime Day, and a great way of getting traffic to the site this year will be the promise (or hope) of being able to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S. We expect Amazon will gradually release Series X|S stock in waves in order to keep people on the site for as long as possible on the off chance they'll buy something else while they wait. We have all the links below for you to keep checking as stock could drop at any moment. Prime Day is a lock for great deals on Series X games, controllers, headsets, and storage. If you want to enjoy these new-gen games on the best display, then be sure to take a look at our guide to the best Prime Day TV deals too.

Stores to try for Prime Day Xbox Series X stock

The top 5 Prime Day Xbox Series X deals

Prime Day Xbox Series X controller deals

xbox series x controller series s

Prime Day Xbox Series X controller deals mark a great opportunity to pick up an extra controller for multiplayer or always having one charged and good to go rather than trying to swap in those fiddly battery packs all the time. Microsoft has released multiple colors since launch too. Black, white, blue, red, and more are all available and we're starting to see prices drop right now.

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Prime Day Game Pass deals

Prime Day Xbox Series X headset deals

Prime Day Xbox Series X

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Amazon's Prime Day Series X headset deals are ideal for upgrading your audio setup. Don't forget, a headset isn't just for online gaming. With so many offering immersive 3D audio we also find them excellent for single-player titles. They're so much cheaper and practical than soundbars and multispeaker setups too. Expect to see some of our favorite Xbox Series X headsets from the likes of Razer, SteelSeries, TurtleBeach, and more. Check out the latest offers below.

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Prime Day Xbox Series X external hard drives

Prime Day Xbox Series X

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With Game Pass providing so many games to enjoy, it really pays off to expand your storage via an external hard drive. Yes, they're slower than SSDs, but you can play last-gen titles directly on them and can store Series X titles here rather than redownload them at a later date. More to the point, hard drives are also much cheaper than SSD options, especially if you want a really big one.

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Prime Day Xbox Series X game deals

The Xbox Series X is still fresh out of the factory and pretty hard to find, meaning Prime Day is among the first big sales with any real shot at substantial discounts on games. The prices on first-party games are generally holding strong, but with more platforms to account for, third-party games have begun to deliver some respectable discounts, making it much cheaper to jump-start your Xbox Series X library.  

USA Xbox Series X game deals 

UK Xbox Series X game deals  

Prime Day Xbox Series X SSD deals

Prime Day Xbox Series X

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The official Series X SSD Seagate memory card is a fantastic device that matches the console's internal SSD and allows you to store and play Series X titles. However, it's super expensive, so fingers crossed it gets a Prime Day deal. All other SSD options we're highlighting can store (but not run) Series X games, but they will let you play older Xbox titles with massively improved loading speeds compared to the older systems or external HDDs. If you can get by with just an extra terabyte or two, we'd go for one for sure.

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Prime Day Xbox Series X accessories

Prime Day Xbox Series X

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Need a few more pieces for your Series X on Prime Day? You'll be able to find plenty of controller charging options for sure. Charging docks offer the simplest fix for Microsoft's baffling decision to continue with AA batteries. They'll come with rechargeable packs and you simply place your controller onto the dock to recharge. You can also buy bespoke packs on their own with a charging cable if you don't want a dock cluttering up your space.

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