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Pokemon Sword and Shield guide walkthrough: Everything you need to become the Champion of Galar


Items: Spikemuth

Choice SpecsY
Max ReviveY

Upon arrival to Spikemuth, you'll discover that the town is on lockdown, but Marnie whispers to you from the bushes and directs you through a secret path. First though, you need to beat her in battle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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When you've beaten Marnie, you can access Spikemuth. There's really not a lot to see or do here; you've got a Pokemon Center, and then the rest of the town is the gym. Heal up then head east along the road, where Marnie will give you Piers' league card. Piers is the gym leader and he's a big fan of Dark-type Pokemon, which are weak to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-types. Stock up on the right counters then keep walking east, where you'll have some trainers to face. The first one will emerge from an alley as you walk past.

Team Yell Grunt 1


Beat him, then keep walking east until you find Mr. Mime, blocking your path. Turn around and the two grunts leant against the wall will challenge you to a fight.

Team Yell Grunt 2


Take her down and Mr. Mime will let you past, so once again, keep moving east. The next grunt in the window will jump out and battle you.

Team Yell Grunt 3


Keep running to the right and another Mr. Mime will show up. Turn around and two grunts will come backflipping into shot.

Team Yell Grunt 4


Move inside the warehouse as you progress next and you'll be challenged by two grunts inside.

Team Yell Grunt 4 & 5 (Duo)


As you move on, you'll find Marnie again, who discovers that her adoring fans are responsible for shutting down the town. Push past them and enter the gym arena, but first, speak to the bloke in the top-left corner who wants an Obstagoon in exchange for his Kantonian Mr. Mime. Trade if you so wish, then approach the crowd to begin the cutscene and fight against Piers.

Gym Leader Piers

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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Thanks to Piers' gym being completely old school, there's no Dynamax or Gigantamax shenanigans at play here. Instead, he's just got two tough Pokemon in the form of Obstagoon and Malamar to get through. Make sure you've got multiple counters because otherwise you'll find yourself wiped out quite quickly, especially with Obstagoon's love of using Obstruct.


When you've taken him down, you'll get TM85 Snarl and the ability to catch Pokemon up to level 55. Leave Spikemuth through the now-open huge door and Leon will be there. A huge crash will occur and Leon will go sprinting through the Route 9 Tunnel, so follow suit and you'll emerge in the previously inaccessible part of Route 7 (items listed on page 14).

Hop will be there and you'll need to cross the bridge back to Hammerlocke, but not before taking on another trainer.

Gentleman Caden


After you beat him, you'll have access to Renee's camp at the top, and TM58 Assurance is to the left by the fence. Keep going west and you'll make it to Hammerlocke where another cutscene will happen.

When it's over, get ready because you need to take on Hammerlocke Gym.

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