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Pokemon Sword and Shield guide walkthrough: Everything you need to become the Champion of Galar

Route 10

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Pokemon: Route 10 - Overworld

DuraludonExtremely Rare (North)
GlalieAverage (South)
Mr. MimeCommon
SneaselAverage (North)
VanilluxeAverage (South)

Pokemon: Route 10 - Random Encounters

AbomasnowCommon (North)
BearticCommon (North)
Darumaka (Sword)Rare
Eiscue (Shield)Rare (North)
KlangCommon (South)
RhydonCommon (South)
Stonjourner (Sword)Rare
VanillishCommon (Sword) / Rare (Shield)

Items: Route 10

Comet ShardY
Max ReviveY
Power HerbY
TM98 Stomping TantrumY
X Attack x2Y

Leave the train station and you'll be on Route 10, which is incredibly cold and snowy. Go to the right and pick up the Max Revive in the corner of the tall grass, then walk up the hill and take on the trainer.

Doctor Graham


At the very top of the slope you'll find Hiker Douglas.

Hiker Douglas


Now there's slightly more area to explore. There's nothing on the left-hand side other than a Trainer Tips sign, so unless you're after some wild Pokemon, keep heading forward to the first trainer.

Office Worker Ronald


You've got two paths round this enormous rock, and both feature a trainer. Go round to the left and take on this chap first.

Cabbie Geoffrey


Now walk on and take on the trainer on your right.

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Postman Harper


Head left and along the long stretch of tall grass then take a sharp turn downwards to find a Power Herb. Go back up the path and to the far left to check out Tristan's camp, then start making your way to the top of the next hill. There's three trainers in a row you need to face off against here:

Hiker Donald


Gentleman Glenn


Interviewers Gillian and Cam (Duo)


Keep going up the hill and when you reach the peak, hug the right-hand side wall to find TM98 Stomping Tantrum down a hidden side path. Head down into better weather and you'll arrive in Wyndon, Pokemon's take on London.


Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Items: Wyndon

Air BalloonY
Balm MushroomY
Big NuggetY
Black SludgeY
Grassy SeedY
Max ReviveY
Rare CandyY
X Sp. Atk x2Y
X SpeedY

There's a lot to explore here, so kick things off by healing your Pokemon in the Poke Center in the top-left corner of the first area. Head down the left-hand side road and you'll find the all too familiar Battle Cafe, with Cafe Master Richard up for a fight. As with all the Battle Cafes, return here daily to earn new rewards.

Also on this street are the hairdressers and clothes shop, so feel free to spend some cash while you're here. Over the bridge at the end of the road is The Rose of the Rondelands Hotel, but there's nothing to do here yet so look to the right for an Air Balloon item by the postbox.

Turn around and go back over the bridge then take the path along the right-hand side of the screen to take a shortcut to the opposite side of Wyndon. From the top of the street, go into the second house on the left and speak to the man inside for a battle.

League Staff Isaac


Defeating his trio of Rotoms will reward you with the Rotom Catalogue, which means that your Rotom can take the form of any appliance when you catch one. In the next house down, you'll find a chap looking for a Frosmoth in exchange for his Duraludon, but you can catch Duraludon on Route 10 so it's not the best offer.

Run to the bottom of the road and take a right inside the park area, then follow the path round until you're at the small stairs in the top-right hand corner. Enter there, run to the bottom round the trees, then grab the item in the very middle to find a Grassy Seed. You can also speak to the old man by the mini-arena at the top of the park to teach your starter an ultimate move.

Head to the very top of the right-hand side to find Lyndon Stadium, where you can begin the final part of your Gym Challenge, for now.

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