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Pokemon Sword and Shield guide walkthrough: Everything you need to become the Champion of Galar


Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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Items: Turffield

Energy RootY
Fresh WaterY
Leaf StoneY
Max ReviveY
TM11 Solar BeamY (Need Surf)
TM97 Brutal SwingY
X Attack x3Y

When you enter Turffield, Hop will be waiting for you by the Pokemon Centre. Chat with him and Sonia's Yamper will appear. Follow Yamper along the path and eventually you'll find Sonia, wondering about the pattern on the side of the hill. Talk with her and she'll give you Milo's league card, so you can head down to the gym and start the challenge. Speak to the girl by the two pillars first however, as she'll tell you about some buried treasure. This is the Turffield Riddle.

How to solve the riddle in Turffield

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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The riddle reads as follows:

Seek yourself three standing stones,
with Grass before the other ones.
Use well that strength, and find then
the strength of its strength in the end.
Dally not, if you've a mind
to find what time has left behind.

There's one crucial clue here, and that's the word "Grass". Each standing stone is connected to a type, so you need to find the Grass-type standing stone and interact with it. From then, you need to find the standing stone that reads the type Grass is strong against, followed by the stone which has the type weak against the second type.

In simpler words, you need to interact with the Grass stone first. That's the one on the lower level just left of the flower shop.

After that, interact with the Water stone. That one is the first right-turn as you walk down the slope from the girl who told you the riddle.

Finally, you want to find the Fire stone. This one is the furthest away, down the path past the Poke Center, next to the river. Interact with it and your character will dig up the Expert Belt, which boosts the power of supereffective moves. Handy!

Note that when you obtain the ability to surf with the Rotom Bike later down the line, you'll be able to surf up the river here and find a wild Crawdaunt and TM11 Solar Beam.

Turffield Gym

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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When you get to the gym, speak with Ball Guy to get a Friend Ball. If you caught a Galarian Meowth on Route 4, you can trade it with a girl called Mattia in the gym lobby for a normal Meowth, so make sure you do that. Afterwards, speak with the girl at the front to take on the Grass gym. We recommend having Fire-type and/or Flying-type Pokemon at the top of your party as they're strongest against Grass-types.

The gist of the challenge here is that you need to herd all of the Wooloo towards the hay bales. It's fairly straightforward, but roaming Yampers in each section will try to stop you. Defeat the trainers in each section to make the Yampers behave and when you've got to the end, you'll be able to take on Milo. Here are all of the trainers you'll face along the way:

Gym Trainer Samuel


Gym Trainer Mark


Gym Trainer Leah


After you've beaten Leah, head up the stairs to face off against Milo, the Grass-type gym leader. As he's the first gym leader, he's not too difficult to defeat, but be prepared for him to Dynamax.

Gym Leader Milo


After beating Milo, you'll earn the ability to catch Pokemon up to level 25, and you'll be given TM10 Magical Leaf. Leave the gym and head to Route 5, which is over the stone bridge in the corner of the town.

Route 5

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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Pokemon: Route 5 - Overworld

Farfetch'd (Sword)Rare
MinccinoAverage (Sword) / Common (Shield)
Spritzee (Shield)Common
Swirlix (Sword)Common

Pokemon: Route 5 - Random Encounters

Lombre (Shield)Common
Nuzleaf (Sword)Common
Spritzee (Shield)Average
Swirlix (Sword)Average

Pokemon: Route 5 - Fishing


Items: Route 5

Absorb BulbY
Big Mushroom x2Y
Heal Ball x3Y
Shed ShellY
TM31 AttractY
X Sp. Atk x3Y

There's also seven different types of feather you can find randomly along the bridge across to Hulbury: Clever, Genius, Health, Muscle, Pretty, Resist, Swift.

At the very start of Route 5, you'll come across a duo battle with Reporter Gillian and Cameraman Cam.

Reporter Gillian & Camerman Cam (Duo)


After beating this pushy pair, you'll find the Pokemon Nursery. This is essentially the Day Care from previous games and you can leave two Pokemon with the woman standing outside. Go inside and speak to the woman to obtain a Toxel, then leave and you'll find Pokemon Breeder Adrian down the path opposite.

Pokemon Breeder Adrian


A few steps further down the path is Pokemon Breeder Debra.

Pokemon Breeder Debra


Head into the open area and you'll find some more wild Pokemon to catch, along with a berry tree. There's also a bloke with a camp at the top, and Cook Stuart to fight wandering around.

Cook Stuart


When exploring this area, make sure you look behind the rock to the far right and grab TM31 Attract. When you're done, head back up the slope to the enormous bridge where you'll find Team Yell tormenting some poor chap.

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Team Yell Grunt


Team Yell Grunt


After defeating both Grunts, the bloke you helped will give you a Rotom Bike, which you can use by pressing + or - for some high speed action. Head across the bridge — note there's a number of hidden items to find along here — until you reach Hop, who wants another battle.



Cross the bridge and you'll find another open area, including another trainer or two.

Pokemon Breeder Denise


Office Worker Gabrielle


Head through the enormous archway and congratulations, you've made it to Hulbury!

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