Pokemon Go "Adventure Sync" update will finally add a step tracker and walking challenges

Pokemon Go developer Niantic just announced Adventure Sync, the next major update for the mobile monster finder. Adventure Sync will release worldwide "soon" and add a suite of movement-minded features to Pokemon Go, including a long-requested step tracker. Note that while Adventure Sync will arrive in Pokemon Go first, it will also come to Niantic's other games later on. 

"The new gameplay system will sync in the background with iOS HealthKit and Android Google Fit," Niantic said in a blog post, "and give players access to a weekly summary that highlights distance traveled on foot and other stats, including calories burned or steps counted, if their device makes those available." 

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In other words, Adventure Sync will turn Pokemon Go into a simplified Fitbit, making it easier for players "to apply their activity and movement during their morning commutes, strolls about town on lunch, or evening jogs back to Pokémon Go." The goal, Niantic said, is to provide a "gentle but effective motivation loop that encourages people to get outside and be active every day." 

The update won't stop at merely counting steps and calories: it will also add "weekly milestones for walking" with in-game rewards comparable to the candy and egg progress already gained from being active while playing. I've always respected Pokemon Go's ability to tie exercise into an engrossing game - nevermind its ability to get even my lazy ass off the couch - and it sounds like these milestones will only reinforce that. 

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