PlayStation Plus 12 months is now $39.99 at Walmart, which is 33% off


PlayStation Plus is a wonderful thing. It gives you free games every month and lets you play online with your buddies, but it's even better when you get a year's subscription for an absolute bargain. Walmart is selling a PlayStation Plus 12 month digital code for $39.99, which is 33% less than the normal price. Usually, you'd pay $60. This is a great saving, and because you can just apply the code to your existing membership, it doesn't matter whether your renewal is due or not. When you add a PlayStation Plus code to your account, it just adds 12 months to whatever you have left - so if you've got 4 months left on your membership, and you add this deal, you then have 16 months. So, you're never losing any value. You're just getting more PS Plus for a better price. 

PlayStation Plus 12 months membership is $39.99 at Walmart (save 33%)
You can just buy this and add it to your existing account. You save $20, which is a damn good bargain if you're a regular PS Plus subscriber.View Deal

This is a damn good deal, and guarantees you a whole year of free PS Plus games. In addition to that, you get the Cloud Storage for your game saves, and the opportunity to buy games for cheaper. Sony has a digital sale on right now, so your new membership could go even further.

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