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PC Gamer teaches you how to win at StarCraft II

You aren’t ready for StarCraft II until you’ve read our massive beta hands-on, including pro tips and a unit-by-unit strategy guide. And even if you’ve never ventured into the vast universe of EVE Online, you’ll want to read our coverage of CCP’s Council of Stellar Management event, where elite players met with developers to change the course of galactic events. All that plus our impressions of a complete play-through of a not-quite-finished Alpha Protocol, an exclusive look at Kings and Castles (the new fantasy RTS from Chris Taylor), and reviews of Just Cause 2, Silent Hunter 5, Metro 2033, the Peregrine gaming glove and more in the June issue of PC Gamer!

Above: The June issue of PC Gamer will hit newstands on Apr 27

Above: Chris Taylor, the designer behind Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander, has been posting video blogs about horses and wood. But if you want some actual details about his upcoming fantasy RTS, you’ll want to check out the latest June issue of PC Gamer

Apr 7, 2010