Paul Bettany talks Vision's future in the MCU

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
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Paul Bettany has revealed if he would play Vision again, and what he thinks the MCU might hold for the synthezoid now that WandaVision has finished.

When asked by Esquire if he would continue playing the android, the actor answered: "I love Vision. Yes, I'm in."

As for what might be next for Vision in the MCU, Bettany had some ideas. "I guess we've seen what happens to Wanda when love is taken away from her," he started, adding: "And I wonder what that would look like with Vision."

He went on to say, speaking as Vision: "I mean, that's the thing, right? I've never had a loved one to lose… I don't know what grief is because I've never had a loved one to lose."

Bettany also talked more about how Vision's relative lack of screen time in the MCU so far leaves more storytelling opportunities. "There is so much to get into with him because it's been ten minutes here, ten minutes there, in the movies." He continued: "Now we're sort of just starting to sort of peel back some stuff."

In WandaVision episode 9, Vision had a showdown with a white Vision, his reanimated body with none of the synthezoid's memories. Eventually, the Vision we know and love was able to bring White Vision round to his side – and restore his memories – but the other android vanished, and his fate remains unknown. Normal Vision also disappeared, wiped out of existence when Wanda brought down the Hex.

Vision's future in the MCU is a big question mark, then, especially as it doesn't seem likely we'll be getting a WandaVision season 2. It’s reassuring to know Bettany has some ideas about where his character could go next, though.

WandaVision may be over, but The Falcon and the Winter Soldier starts March 19, 2021. Until then, check out everything we know about Marvel Phase 4, and find the best Disney Plus deals.

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