Our favorite Xbox One gaming headset, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, is 37% less today

Get the best Xbox One gaming headset, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, for $30 less

How do you fancy getting a discount on what is arguably the best Xbox One headset? If the answer is “very much, thank you,” you’re in luck. The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition (complete with THX spatial audio) is on offer at Walmart for $63.07. Because it normally retails for $100, that’s a saving of around $37. This means you get a hell of a lot of headset for your money.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition $63.07 at Walmart (saving $30)

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition $63.07 at Walmart (saving $30)
This has quickly become our favorite Xbox One gaming headset, and is the cheapest we've seen it. Get it today at Walmart.

The Kraken Tournament Edition is a superb all-rounder, boasting the usual comfort we’ve come to expect from Razer (its ear cushions are fitted with cooling gel) and the addition of superior 7.1 surround sound. While the Kraken Pro V2 used to occupy that top spot on our list, this upgrade packs better audio quality and value all-round. A separate sound/mic control box help too, allowing you to tweak volume, bass, game chat, and THX spatial audio on the fly. This is helpful for picking out enemy movement in multiplayer, giving you a split-second advantage over the enemy. It’s also far more immersive. 

As we mentioned in our guide, the Kraken Tournament Edition is “one of the most well-rounded and versatile headsets we've tested, and represents great value for money”. As such, we have no problem recommending it if you’re looking for an immersive gaming headset that can offer a competitive edge.

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