Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3 went live today, and then Nintendo pulled it a few hours later

Nintendo Switch
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The Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3 update has been pulled by Nintendo, but it's not clear why.

Earlier today, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3 firmware update, however, the company has since pulled the update and halted distribution for some reason. As Nintendo Life highlights, this seems to be the first time the company has pulled an update from being public. 

The update itself wasn't anything interesting, instead, it just introduced system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience as noted on the official website. Due to it being pulled, there seems to be some speculation on social media as to what it could mean. One user says that the Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3 update apparently broke the ability to download games and updates.

At current, it's not clear if the update will be redistributed, or even acknowledged on the system updates and change history page. Dataminer OatmealDome shared some information from the update, and while it seems like a small update, the mention of SSL to create secure connections to a server does match up with the rumors of download issues. For now, it looks as if we're still going to be sat on 12.0.2 for the time being until Nintendo publishes a new version.

Nintendo often releases small updates, and a firmware update back in April hinted at Bluetooth headphone support, which came just after rumors of a new Nintendo Switch dock came about. At the moment, Nintendo is said to be unveiling a Nintendo Switch Pro after numerous rumors seem to claim it exists. It's said that the console will have a bigger OLED screen and performance improvements and rumors suggest it'll be revealed soon, and that'll be before E3 2021 kicks off.

Nintendo E3 2021 will feature a Nintendo Direct to showcase a range of upcoming titles and will also be followed by a 3-hour long Nintendo Treehouse deep dive. There's the possibility that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 could be shown, and maybe even some more of Splatoon 3 or even Metroid Prime 4.

With E3 2021 promising lots of game reveals, here's are some upcoming Switch games to keep an eye out for.

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