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Switch Pro may have a bigger OLED screen, improved stand, and wired internet

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(Image credit: Nintendo)

New hardware details for Nintendo Switch Pro may have surfaced through an alleged leak from a third-party peripheral manufacturer.

The leak was shared by Spanish gaming site Vandal (opens in new tab) (via ResetEra (opens in new tab)), and it pertains to the new Switch hardware revision which recent reports have indicated will be officially revealed before the start of E3 2021 - and which Nintendo has never called Switch Pro, at least in any official capacity. The nickname has just stuck.

According to Vandal's source, the new Switch will be a similar size to the current model but with a significantly larger screen. This will be achieved by reducing the size of the black plastic bezel, increasing the total real estate taken up by the screen itself. The report also indicates that the new Switch will use an OLED screen, which lines up with info pulled from a display manufacturer's investor briefing earlier this month.

On the flipside, the new Switch will reportedly replace the original version's notoriously flimsy kickstand with a larger support that runs the length of the system, folding out much like the stand on a Microsoft Surface tablet. It's a weird thing to get excited about, but I've always loved my Surface's stand (it's very flexible but also quite sturdy) so this comparison makes me happy.

The last big detail in the report is the new dock, which will allegedly be slightly wider to accommodate a Nintendo console's first ever built-in ethernet port as well as two USB 3.0 ports. All of these details should be taken with a grain of salt until we get any official word about the console from Nintendo, but it sounds like we may not have to wait much longer for that.

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