Nintendo Switch Pro reveal to take place before E3, reports suggest

Nintendo Switch
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The Nintendo Switch Pro could be on the way later this year according to a new report.

As reported by Bloomberg sources claim that Nintendo's new hardware is expected to be revealed ahead of this year's E3 that takes place next month from June 12.

Production of the console is said to begin as soon as July and looks to be released "in September or October”. When it does launch, it will is said to be replacing the current Nintendo Switch console but the smaller Switch Lite will remain alongside it. The new model is reportedly set to retail for over $299.

It's also claimed that the reveal for the Switch Pro will take place before E3 2021 "to allow publishers to showcase their full range of Switch games".

Despite superconductor chip shortages, Bloomberg states that Nintendo's suppliers "are confident they can fulfill Nintendo’s orders" and "the parts Nintendo is using are subject to less competition than those in its rivals’ more powerful consoles."

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While reports of a new Switch have been floating around for some time, it's quickly become commonly referred to as the Nintendo Switch Pro, although this isn't an official title just yet. Bloomberg notes that the console's commercial name is "known only to a handful of people within the Kyoto-based company."

Bloomberg has previously reported that we could see the new Nintendo Switch launching later this year, and will contain an Nvidia DLSS chip and be capable of upscaling to 4K. Earlier this month, an OLED manufacturer mentioned the Nintendo Switch Pro in its Q1 investors call, sparking yet another round of rumors about when we might officially see Nintendo's next console.

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