More Nintendo Switch Pro rumours are doing the rounds thanks to a recent datamine

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More Nintendo Switch Pro rumours are currently doing the rounds after a dataminer claims to have found new information in the Switch's firmware code. 

As Wcctech reports, a well-known dataminer who goes by SciresM says they may have found new information in the code that seemingly shows a revised system that could point towards new hardware. Of course, as with any leaks or datamines, it's best to take this with a good pile of salt. It's also important to note here that the source even says this information may not be accurate and appears to be more on the speculative side.  

The information, which can be read in full over on Resetera, claims the new hardware "is codenamed Aula", and that there are "a bunch of references to it in the code". 

"Nintendo actually is working on a new mode with upgraded display stuff and has been for 1.5-2 years," SciresM claims. "I personally believe it's 4K given the signs I'm seeing in the firmware, but that's not confirmed and could be wrong." 

"The new hardware is codenamed Aula, it's using Mariko SoC. There's a bunch of references to it in the code," SciresM continues. "The tablet itself definitely has an upgraded display, I don't know if it's 4K. Aula has firmware support some Realtek chip that advertises itself as a "4K UHD multimedia SoC", too, hence my belief it's 4K. That chip might be inside a new dock and not inside the tablet, though, there's no way to tell from the firmware code yet." 

The mention of 4K also goes in line with previously reported rumours that suggested a new Nintendo Switch may launch early this year and support 4K graphics. Rumours that an updated and more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch could be in the works has been going around for some time now, and other claims have also surfaced that may suggest the alleged Switch Pro console could feature a mini LED screen

So far, there's been no official confirmation from Nintendo that the console exists, and Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser also recently spoke about Nintendo's future plans an interview with Polygon. While Bowser does acknowledge that Nintendo is always looking "at what is coming to determine: How it can enhance and improve the gameplay experience", Bowser goes on to say that Nintendo is going to "really lean into" the Switch and Switch Lite for the foreseeable future and "the content that comes with it."  

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