Nintendo's Doug Bowser pours cold water on Switch Pro rumors

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The Switch launched almost four years ago but Nintendo is still riding high on its momentum, as Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser recently affirmed with plans to prioritize the console "for the foreseeable future."

In an interview with Polygon, Bowser poured cold water on Switch Pro rumors and, more broadly, the idea that Nintendo is releasing new hardware any time soon.

"First, we're always looking at technology," he acknowledges. "And as we know, technology is constantly evolving and changing. And we're always looking at what is coming to determine: How can it enhance and improve the gameplay experience? And whether that's on a current platform, or whether that's on a future platform, we're always looking at that."

However, Bowser maintains that the Switch's extraordinarily strong sales warrant sustained focus on the console, to the point where Nintendo is ditching its usual three to four-year hardware update cycle.

"However, we also see right now – and we just talked about it – that the momentum on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in the fourth year is strong. And we believe we're changing the trajectory of another typical console life cycle. And we will continue, for the foreseeable future, to really lean into both of those platforms and the content that comes with it, because it's the symbiotic relationship that makes the real difference. And it's why Nintendo Switch is so differentiated."

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X currently ushering in the next generation, it's true that the Switch is looking more dated than ever. That said, Bowser makes a good point - the Switch just had its best October sales ever. Why fix what isn't broken, at least in the eye of the consumer?

Of course, none of this means Nintendo isn't planning a successor to the Switch, it just means it's not ready to talk about those plans yet. Bowser echoed earlier comments from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa that the Switch is at the "midpoint" of its life cycle, which means it'll likely be another few years before we even hear about a new Nintendo console.

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