Switch Pro could feature a Mini-LED display

Nintendo Switch
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Rumours surrounding a potential Switch Pro suggest the console could feature a Mini-LED display. 

The unannounced Nintendo Switch Pro has been rumoured to be Nintendo’s next-gen console to compete with PS5 and Xbox Series X. The latest rumour comes from a report by Economic Daily News suggesting that the upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch will feature Mini-LED technology courtesy of Innolux Corporation, a Taiwanese panel manufacturer.

Mini-LED technology is a fairly new display technology and could mean potential resolution upgrades if it were to be implemented into a Nintendo Switch device. It could result in improvements such as screen brightness and contrast, as well as to battery life, in comparison to the backlit 720p LCD screen in current Nintendo Switch consoles which relies on illumination from backlights. 

This isn’t the first time rumours have circulated regarding the next generation Nintendo console. In early January, there were reports that Nintendo would soon start production on a new Nintendo Switch model that would release Summer 2020. There was also speculation from an analyst, who successfully predicted the Switch Lite, that Nintendo would launch the ‘Switch Pro’ with 4K support. 

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa later revealed in a financial briefing that there are currently “no plans” to release a new Switch model in 2020 and as of right now, there have been no announcements regarding a new Nintendo Switch console coming in the near future. 

Those Summer release rumours can of course be debunked as we are now reaching the end of the year, although this new Mini-LED rumour could hold some gravity. But of course, it’s all just speculation right now.

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