Analyst says there's "absolutely no doubt" a 4K Switch Pro is coming in 2020

(Image credit: Nintendo)

An analyst that successfully predicted the Switch Lite says he has "absolutely no doubt" that Nintendo will launch a Switch Pro with 4K support in 2020.

As part of a round-up of analyst predictions by, Kantan Games' Serkan Toto named a number of features he says will launch with a more powerful Switch console later this year. Alongside 4K support, Toto says the Switch Pro will feature "beefed up" hardware, take bigger cartridges, and cost $399. If the analyst's predictions are accurate, we'll see Nintendo's 4K Switch console release ahead of the PS5 and Xbox Series X with a "system-seller game."

Reports surfaced last summer about a more powerful Switch being developed alongside the Switch Lite, but the release of a Switch with improved battery life, which is otherwise identical to the original Switch, poured cold water on the idea of the Switch Pro.

Other reasons not to get too excited about a Switch Pro include deafening silence on the topic from other analysts in the report, not to mention from Nintendo themselves. It would seem to me that if Nintendo really had such a big trick up their sleeves, we'd be hearing more than rumors by now. Then again, an announcement at E3 with a release date later in the summer could be an electrifying mic drop moment for Nintendo.

We'll be sure to keep you updated if and when we learn more about a new Switch console.

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