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Nintendo Switch system update adds storage improvements and button remapping

(Image credit: Nintendo)

A new Nintendo Switch system update adds a pair of long-awaited features to the system.

First up in the update, which is now a nice and round version 10.0.0, is a new option to transfer software data between the Switch's built-in system memory and an SD card. Before this update, data just lived where it lived - if you wanted to be able to swap between multiple SD cards each with their own game data, you'd have to manually delete and reinstall individual applications. Now you can move that data back and forth between the built-in storage and the SD card at will, though some saves and update data still must remain on your Switch's storage.

The other big change finally lets you remap controller buttons and analog sticks at the system level. You can make changes individually for each paired controller, and you can even store up to five favorite mappings for each controller. Button mappings for left and right Joy-Cons, Switch Pro Controllers, and the built-in Switch Lite controls can all be customized freely - other devices aren't currently supported.

The update also marks the arrival of Animal Cross: New Horizons with six new characters to use in user profile icons. And if you'd rather all your friends not see how many dozens of hours you've sunk into creating the perfect island getaway, you'll find the options to change how you display or delete play activity data in a new dedicated Play Activity Settings section.

Last up, you can now bookmark up to 300 favorite items in the News section, and the Switch update also made the usual "general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience". If your console hasn't already downloaded the update automatically, head to your System Settings and select System Update while connected to the internet to get started.

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