Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 - Everything coming to your island for free this November

Animal Crossing: New Horizon update 2.0 features
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There really is so much coming in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update. During the Animal Crossing Direct, we got to see a huge helping of features and additions coming to our islands this November, and as we inch closer to the release of the update, the excitement only grows. From new spots like Brewster's cafe to the return of other beloved characters like Kapp'n, we're going to have so many reasons to return to island life. If you're anything like us, you've probably watched the update trailer many, many times as you wait it out for the launch, and you're likely still reeling from everything that was shown. If you want a recap to add to your excitement, we've put together a helpful roundup of everything you need to know, including the release date and everything coming to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update.  

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 release date 

Animal Crossing: New Horizon update 2.0 features

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As Nintendo confirmed during the Direct, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 will be the last major free update to hit our sandy shores. Rather excitingly, though, we won't have to wait too long to dive right into the new content since the update will be launching on November 5, 2021.  

Brewster's The Roost Cafe 

Animal Crossing: New Horizon update 2.0 features

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Yes, the Direct kicked off with what we were already expecting to see before it showered us with surprises, but it was still very exciting to see The Roost in New Horizons for the first time. As you may already know, you can pop into the cafe to treat yourself to one of Brewster's special blends. Just like in previous entries, you'll also be able to share a warm cup of coffee with other villagers, including Isabelle who we see come by for a little break from a slow work day. There will also be an Amiibo call center phone, where you can use amiibos to invite characters of your choosing to join you, and you can also have a cuppa with multiple visiting friends. It just looks so very cosy. 

Kapp'n boat tours 

Animal Crossing: New Horizon update 2.0 features

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Kapp'n the sea turtle is officially returning with new boat tours that will whisk us away to mysterious islands. Found at the pier on our own islands, we'll be able to board a little boat, where Kapp'n will serenade us with sea shanties as we make our way across the ocean. Each round trip tour will cost you 1000 Nook Miles, and the islands you'll be taken to are special destinations only Kapp'n knows about. What makes these islands special is that they can have new flora for us to discover, or even have a different season or time of day to your own island, which looks set to be especially useful if you're trying to collect particular fish or bugs. 

Harv's Island

Animal Crossing: New Horizon update 2.0 features

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Harv's Island, where we can do our own little photoshoots, is now undergoing some major changes in the update. The groovy dog is creating a plaza with all sorts of shops, and we can contribute our bells to help open them up on the island. A lot of visiting shops such as Kicks accessories and Sahara's rugs, carpets, and wallpapers will set up shop there, along with some new additions which will bring back some familiar faces, including: 

  • Tortimer, the elder tortoise, who will store items for you.
  • Reese and Cyrus, the loved-up pair of alpacas, will now be able to customise items you can't customise yourself, such as items from the Nook Miles shop like the lighthouse that's usually only one color. Previously, we could only get a different color by trading, but now you'll be able to change it up on Harv's Island. 
  • Katrina the fortune teller is also coming back with her own little shop where she'll reveal our fortune to us each day. 

Harriet and hairstyles 

Animal Crossing: New Horizon update 2.0 features

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Harv's long-time friend Harriet is coming to bring her hairstyling prowess to the island in the latest update, which means we'll be getting some new hairstyles to fashion our villagers with. With 11 new styles set to be added, Harriet will teach you some of them when you go to visit her for a new hairdo. 

Island ordinances 

Island ordinances are officially being introduced to New Horizons at long last. As some of you might remember if you played Animal Crossing: New Leaf, ordinances let you decide how your town, or island in this case, runs. So for example, if you enact one of the island ordinances like Early Bird, your villagers will wake up earlier so you can speak to them in the morning. And as you might imagine, Night Owl makes the island operate at later hours. It's a fantastic little feature which lets you attune the island to your needs if you want to play early or late and not miss out. 

More home exterior options 

Tom Nook's home services are getting a bit of an upgrade, with more exterior options to change up the look of your home. This means you'll have more choice when it comes to customising the look of your roof, door, and mailbox. And from what we've seen in the Direct, there are some very stylish and interesting options on the way.  

Storage expansion 

Along with more options of the outside of your house, you can also expand your home storage once again. With three more expansions available, you can take your storage up from 2,400 to 3,200, 4,000, or the maximum size of 5,000. With so many items in the game, it's great to know we'll have plenty more space to keep a hold of anything we add to our collection. 

Cooking and farming

Animal Crossing: New Horizon update 2.0 features

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Now we'll officially be able to cook up a storm in our little stone work kitchens with a host of new cooking recipes. With the likes of Pizza, Minestrone soup, fries, baguettes, and much more. Better yet, we'll also be able to make these new tasty meal food items with our very own crops. Yes, that's right, we can grow our own miniature farms with tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, sugarcane, wheat, and more. All of the dishes look adorably tasty. 

New redeemable Nook Miles items 

If you've racked up a wealth of Nook Miles, you'll be happy to know that we'll soon be able to buy all sorts of new DIY recipes, items, furniture, and app upgrades in the new update. From the quick glance in the direct, we saw a host of amazing new items for the plaza, including: Plaza Balloon Wagon, Park Fountain, Plaza Ferris Wheel, Inflatable Plaza toy, Plaza Game Stand, Plaza Merry-go-round, and more. 

Below, you can see all of the major new Nook Miles redeemable additions coming in the update: 

  • Pro decorating license: Allows you add ceiling decor and lighting fixtures 
  • Pro construction license: A maximum of 10 bridges and 10 inclines can now be placed on your island, and nine new fence types have been added, including park fencing, block fencing, corrugated iron fencing, large lattice fencing, bamboo slats fencing, green bamboo fencing, log fencing, and frozen fencing. Some of these new fence recipes can also be customised. 
  • Pro Camera App: Allows you to use a handheld, first-person camera with a view that aligns with eye level along with a tripod camera mode so you can be in the picture from the same view. 
  • Custom Design Patterns +: Patterns that could be used for items can now be worn as clothing and used as wallpaper and flooring. 
  • New reactions: 11 new reactions are also being added, with reactions such as Waving Goodbye, Stretching, Jammin (bouncing to music), Listening Ears, and Say Cheese. 
  • Island Life 101: Provides tips on enjoying your island, with helpful tidbits from Tom Nook. 

Storage shed and ABD 

A new storage shed can be added anywhere on your island that connects to your home storage. So, when your pockets are full, you can pop some items in there to continue collecting more goodies from your islands. An Automatic Bell Dispenser also known as ABD can also be added so you can withdraw or deposit money anywhere on your island. 

New furniture and ladder set up kit coming to Nook's Cranny 

New furniture types will start appearing in Nook's Cranny, with Nintendo teasing that we will also be seeing some "never before seen" furniture pop up in the new update. One example we get to see is an "Amazing Machine," and we already can't help but wonder what makes it so amazing. 

You can also pick a new tool that will be introduced in Update 2.0. Known as the Ladder Set Up Kit, this nifty tool allows you to permanently place ladders on cliffs so you won't have to lug your ladder around in your pocket to get to the higher points on your island. 

New K.K. Slider Songs and music box 

K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Our favorite performing dog is delivering some fresh new sounds with 12 more songs for us to collect and add to our record collections. While we only get to hear a snippet of a new tune, the Direct does show off some of the covers of the new songs with titles such as K.K. Break, Chillwave, K.K. Dub, K.K. Chorinho, K.K. Fuge, K.K. Hip Hop, K.K. Lovers, and K.K. Slack-Key. Another delightful new furniture item is set to come in the shape of a cute little music box, which will let us listen to songs in a new way.

Dig up Gyroid fragments

Animal Crossing: New Horizon update 2.0 features

(Image credit: Nintendo)

You can now find little Gyroid fragments buried around your island. If you plant these fragments and water them, a Gyroid will grow overnight. These nifty little friends can make different sounds and sport different customizable, and you experiment to see what music you can make. If you play your stereo or record player, you can also listen to the harmonies they'll create in tune to the song that's playing. 

Squeeze through tight spots 

If you, for example, have your chair placed a touch too close to your coffee table, you'll be able to navigate through the tight little space between your furniture to get around the room and it also means you'll still be able to sit on your couch without being blocked out by close by items. 

Stretching in the plaza 

You'll also now be able to use a tape deck to do stretches in your plaza with your fellow villagers and visitors. If you're in need of a little warm-up in the morning, you can even join in with your Joy-Cons inputs or motion controls. 

Villager visitors

Just like in New Leaf, your villagers will now sometimes invite you over to their homes for a little catch up, and they'll also surprise you with a visit if you're chilling at home yourself. It'll be sweet to be invited into your fuzzy friends houses every now and then - it's always nice to have a bit of company.  

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