New Nintendo Switch Joy-Con colors are coming this fall: Blue/Yellow and Purple/Orange

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Two new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con colors are coming this fall, and if you're the kind of person who's already getting excited for Halloween, at least one will be a must-buy. The official Nintendo of America Twitter account announced that the new color pairs, Blue/Neon Yellow and Neon Purple/Neon Orange will both hit stores on October 4 for the standard $79.99 price. If you try to tell me that the timing for the arrival of the pumpkin-orange and witch stocking-purple Joy-Cons was a coincidence (and not just for the new Luigi's Mansion 3 release date), I will simply pull my shiny vampire cape over my face and back away while glaring.

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These two new Joy-Con packages introduce three new individual Joy-Con colors to the standard lineup: the deeper blue is a nice alternative to the lighter Neon Blue that's been available since launch (Neon Yellow has been available in its own two-pack for a while), and both Neon Purple and Neon Orange are all-new styles. All of them are compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite, though only in the sense that you can sync them wirelessly - the pint-sized version of Switch won't feature removable controllers.

You could take the true-blue Joy-Con and combine it with one of the deep red Joy-Cons for a non-neon take on the classic candy-colored Switch aesthetic. That said, I think the Neon Purple/Neon Orange pack could be my new favorite colorway, finally dethroning the Neon Pink and Neon Green pack. Orange is my favorite color and I have a weak spot mushier than a rotten Jack-o'-Lantern for anything Halloween-ish, so it's hardly a fair competition.

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