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Trick or treat? Luigi's Mansion 3 gets a spooky release date

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Shout out to the marketing department at Nintendo, because Luigi's Mansion 3 has the perfect release date. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 31, AKA Halloween. 

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This time around the other brother is exploring the Last Resort Hotel, rather than a mansion, after Mario and Princess Peach's vacation plans take a ghostly turn. Developer Kensuke Tanabe explained the change of location in an interview with Eurogamer (opens in new tab) last month. 

"With the overall hotel structure and different floors, we wanted players to be able to visualize how the hotel was set up," he said. "So, for example, if there's water dripping through the ceiling, maybe there's a bathtub upstairs and you should look up there. Having that kind of three-dimensional exploration is something we put a lot of focus on."

The release date news comes hot on the heels of the reveal of the Nintendo Switch Lite (opens in new tab) and the confirmation that we're getting a new and improved Nintendo Switch (opens in new tab)model at the end of August. 

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Rachel Weber
Rachel Weber

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