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NieR gets new anniversary website ahead of 10th birthday

(Image credit: Square Enix)

I don't mean to frighten you, but Nier is almost 10 years old, and in celebration Square Enix has created an anniversary website for the franchise.

It took about seven years for Square to release a sequel to Nier, which at that point had earned a faithful cult following despite tepid sales and reviews. And with Nier: Automata's relative success, the anniversary website is making fans ask the same question: what's next for the Nier franchise?

The Nier anniversary website itself is relatively barebones at the moment - as of now there's only a spiffy new logo, a news scroller, and links to other Nier websites and merchandise. But with the series 10th birthday coming in April and E3 2020 following shortly thereafter, it's easy to see why Nier fans are excited about what might be revealed on the new Nier anniversary website.

Nier Automata released to stronger commercial and critical success than its predecessor, which was launched in 2010 to middling reviews and sluggish sales. GamesRadar's review for Nier: Automata praised the game's immersive score, fast-paced combat, and customization options while criticizing the disjointed plot.

If you're new to the Nier franchise, a good place to start would be Nier: Automata Game of the Yorha Edition, which released this year with all previously-released DLC and exclusive skins and accessories. Once you're caught up, you can join us in blindly speculating about a potential sequel and refreshing the Nier anniversary website for news.

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