New Lego Batman Returns Batcave is gloriously extra

A view of the Lego Batman Returns Batcave through the bat symbol
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Light up the Batsignal, because a new (and wonderfully dramatic) Lego Batman Returns Batcave is on the way.

Yes, it has all the fixtures you'd expect. There's the '89 Batmobile, a gloriously '90s computer setup, that costume area with its little drawbridge, and a more accurate minifig based on Keaton's iconic suit (it doesn't look like there's any way of turning its head, which is only right). But this Lego Batman Returns Batcave actually closes into a box with a cutaway shaped like the logo from Tim Burton's films. A Batcave in the form of your own superhero symbol? We'd expect nothing else from that version of the character. If you're a Bat-fan of a certain age, seeing it will forcibly make you hum the Danny Elfman theme.

You can see a full gallery of the kit with key info below, but it's worth pointing out up front that it's going to be available for Lego VIPs (which is Lego's free membership program), from June 5 at the official Lego storefront. It'll then be purchasable by everyone this June 8, at which point we'll be able to see where it ranks compared to the best Lego sets.

Lego Batcave Shadow Box

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Price$399.99 / £344.99
Release dateJune 8 (June 5 for VIPs)
Item number76252

At almost 4,000 pieces, the Lego Batman Returns Batcave is a big project comparable to the likes of Lego Rivendell - it's crammed with hidden details and references to the films. Indeed, most major areas from that set make an appearance.

It's got a lot of minifigures, too; alongside Batman himself, civilian Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and Catwoman, you're getting Penguin, Max Shreck (Christopher Walken's business baddie), and a spare Batsuit that depicts a classic Lego version of the character. This distinction is important, because the full Batman figure has a rigid new cowl that's just like the movie version... complete with a molded, flowing cape. So far as I can remember, this is the first time we've seen that in a Lego set.

Because it comes with a smaller version of the '89 Batmobile, this is basically the ultimate kit for fans of the Keaton/Burton Batman. It also arrives just in time for the character's return in The Flash, a movie that looks like it'll reset the DC universe ahead of James Gunn's new films.

The set isn't available to purchase yet, but if you're a member of Lego VIP, you should be able to buy it from June 5 at Lego. It'll then become available to everyone from June 8.

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