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Netflix's Castlevania is coming back, and it's bringing more gore

The very adult, very animated adaptation of Castlevania is back for a second series on Netflix, and this new trailer promises more of the distinctive art style and buckets of blood. Sam Deats is directing again, with cult writer Warren Ellis continuing his authorial duties. 

"We did not set the bar at 'good enough,'" says showrunner Adi Shankar. "We're here to create the greatest video game adaptation of all time."

Season 2 will bring eight episodes - double what we got for season 1 - and will follow the violent trials and tribulations of Trevor Belmont and Alucard as they take on Dracula. Fans of the first season will already know that the story is a loose retelling of the 1990 NES game, Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse.

The cast has also returned for the second series. Richard Armitage plays Belmont, The Hobbit's Graham McTavish is Dracula, and James Callis gives voice to Alucard. Writer Ellis also hinted in a tweet that the trailer features "unannounced actor's voice" so let us know if you figure out who it is. 

The second season will debut on October 26, so you'll obviously have to plan your viewing schedule around your Red Dead Redemption 2 breaks.

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