Netflix's new password sharing crackdown is proving very unpopular

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Netflix has unveiled its plans to crackdown on password sharing – and the strategy is proving very unpopular. 

Reportedly, the plan will involve each account having a primary location, so, in practice, that probably means your home. If you want to share outside of that location, you'll need to pay a fee to add others to your account. Without registering the extra users, your account could end up blocked. Plus, you'll have to connect to your primary location's wifi every 31 days – and if you're travelling, you can make use of a temporary code to access the streamer for a week. 

"I have had @netflix since 1997 (Oh god 26 years) and their new password policies requiring monthly log-ins and travel codes (treating customers like criminals) AND the fact that they cancel every new series after the 1st season I'm genuinely considering canceling my subscription," says one person.

"I don't even share my account with anyone, and just knowing how I use @netflix, all my devices are gonna get banned and it’s going to be such a pain that I might as well cancel," says someone else

"We all drop Netflix for 1 month or two and they will snap out of this password issue," believes another subscriber

"So my 80 year old great grandma will need to make her own Netflix account, pay for it and enter in a password monthly. Maybe we are all going to just cancel Netflix!!" says another person

"@netflix how is this password thing gonna work. I sometimes log in at a friends house, or on my phone when off to appointments, or at families house on their wifi, but leave my TV on playing stuff to have sound for my dog. What about families with kids off at college?" asks this subscriber

It remains to be seen when (or if) the crackdown will be rolled out globally, but, for now, it's clearly not a popular move with subscribers. 

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