Netflix boss says the streamer has "never canceled a successful show"

Warrior Nun
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos has responded to the backlash that the streamer has been facing for canceling many of its shows, often after just one season. The list of series facing the axe has been building over the past few months, with many fan favorites ending early.

Netflix subscribers have been open about their frustration – just a glimpse at Twitter will see numerous campaigns started to try and revive series. But now the streaming boss has doubled down on the decisions, explaining why these series face the chop. 

"We have never canceled a successful show," Sarandos told Bloomberg (opens in new tab). "A lot of these shows were well-intended but talk to a very small audience on a very big budget. The key to it is you have to be able to talk to a small audience on a small budget and a large audience on a large budget. If you do that well, you can do that forever."

Netflix generally makes decisions about its shows based on the cumulative hours watched for each series, rather than their critical reception. This is compared to things like the cost of making the series as well as its placement on the Top 10 lists on the streaming platform.

While some shows keep going, like Stranger Things, The Crown, and The Witcher, others are axed much earlier. Some of the recent cancelations have included The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself, Warrior Nun, 1899, and Fate: The Winx Saga. And then there are those shows that many believe ended way before their time, like The OA.

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