NBA 2K14 Path to greatness guide

Where is LeBron James heading after this year’s NBA season? He has many choices – but you don’t have to wait until July of 2014 to have some fun finding out. New this season in NBA 2K14 is Path To Greatness, a nifty mode that lets you choose two paths that King James can head down. You can either choose to stay in Miami with the Heat or head on a wild multi-team journey. Along the way, legendary players will come out of retirement and new young guns will burst on the scene, all to claim what is rightfully yours.

This guide will take you through both journeys and give you the tools necessary to win. Path To Greatness is multi-layered, too – you can win to advance, but you can also chase getting 3 stars on each level to maximize your Achievement or Trophy Hunting (and bragging rights over your friends).

In this guide, we’ll help you navigate some of the toughest challenges Path to Greatness throws at you as well as offer some keys to success that will help you in all parts of NBA 2K14.

Table of Contents

Rich Grisham
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