NBA 2K14 Path to greatness guide

Fantastic Journey - Part 2

This is where things start to get really crazy - and fun. A new Big Three puts you in charge of a Knicks team featuring LeBron along with Chis Paul and Dwight Howard for a year, followed by a spirited run with an un-retired Kobe Bryant. There's also a dream sequence (!) against arguably the greatest NBA Team in history. Quite a ride!

Year Three - LeBron on the New York Knicks and the New Big Three

1) The New Big Three - LeBron is able to convince his good buddy Chris Paul and Dwight Howard to join him in New York. LeBron and crew vow to pull off the greatest season in NBA history. When - First Game of Regular season - October 29, 2015 Where - New York Versus - Boston Celtics

2) Quest for 73 - The Knicks are 72-9, one game left in the season. One more win will break the Bulls record from 1996, a record that many said would never be touched. It just so happens he’s about to face a player that helped make that record happen, Michael Jordan, the new coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. When - Last Game of Regular season - April 16, 2016 Where - Charlotte Versus - Charlotte Bobcats

3) Running With The Bulls (Fantasy Matchup unlockable with pre-order) - LeBron dreams of what it would have been like to face off against the team whose record he just broke. When - Dream Matchup Where - Chicago Versus - 1996 Chicago Bulls

4) When Big Threes Collide - All year long there has been discussion about which team (and Big Three) is actually better, the Chicago Bulls (#2 seed) or the New York Knicks (#1 seed) … both coming into the game with record breaking seasons. So far they’ve basically split the season and playoff series. Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose are playing the best basketball of their careers and D-Wade isn't showing showing signs of slowing down. When - Eastern Conference Finals, game #7 - May 19, 2016 Where - New York Versus - Chicago Bulls

5) The LeBron Stopper (Unlockable after beating 'When Big Threes Collide') - Two years ago a player by the name of Dimitris Drakos came in from Greece touted as the greatest defensive player to enter the NBA since its inception. He’s been holding LeBron to 19.4 points per game in the series, 6 points per game under his average. Many are calling him the “LeBron Stopper”. When - Finals Game 7 - June 21, 2016 Where - New York Versus - Dallas Mavericks

Year Four - LeBron on the New York Knicks with Kobe Bryant

1) Return of the Mamba - After an epic off-season workout with Kobe Bryant, where it’s apparent Kobe still has what it takes, LeBron convinces him to give it one more shot. When - First Game of Regular season - October 30, 2016 Where - Los Angeles Versus - Los Angeles Lakers

2) The Facilitator - Despite coming into the game shooting 58% from the field, LeBron just isn’t feeling it. No matter what he puts up, the rim feels like the size of a penny. Playing against the best defensive team in the NBA, it’s clear the only way to win this game is to continue to get others involved. When - Regular season - January 23, 2017 Where - Boston Versus - Boston Celtics

3) A Temporary Truce With Trice - LeBron makes it to his 13thNBA All-Star game, tying him with Michael Jordan. Play against the greats of today. John Trice teams up with LeBron. When - All-Star Weekend - February 17, 2007 Where - Denver Versus - Western Conference All-Stars

4) One True King - John Trice has been killing the league, continuing to call himself the “King of the NBA.” LeBron and Trice are neck and neck for the scoring title, something not typically important to LeBron. However, this is personal. When - Last Game of Regular Season - April 17, 2017 Where - New York Versus - Cleveland Cavaliers

5) Rally The Troops - The Knicks (#2 seed) are down 15 at the start of the 4thquarter. It’s looking unlikely that the Knicks are going to advance in this series vs. the Wizards (#7 seed). When - 1st Round Playoffs Game 7 - April 29, 2017 Where - New York Versus - Washington Wizards

5) Down But Not Out (Unlockable after beating 'Rally The Troops') - Lebron arrives at MSG severely sick and it’s apparent his skills are not what they’re supposed to be. Detroit (#3 seed) is coming into the game extremely confident, having won the last two games. Can he pull out the impossible in Game 7? When - 2nd Round Playoffs Game 7 - May 18, 2017 Where - New York Versus - Detroit Pistons

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