NBA 2K14 Path to greatness guide

Fantastic Journey - Part 3

LeBron is back where it all started, home in Cleveland. This final part of the Fantastic Journey sees his feud with John Trice reach new levels, and also includes an awesome fantasy matchup against a great Lakers team of old.

Year Five - LeBron on the Cleveland Cavaliers

1) Ringless Recruits - Not a better way to get a ring on your finger than join up with LeBron. A couple aging veterans, Josh Smith and LaMarcus Aldridge, join up with LeBron in their quest for their first title. With the retirement of Dwyane Wade, a new Big Three has developed in Chicago (Rose, Anthony and Anthony Davis). When - Regular season - November 29, 2017 Where - Cleveland Versus - Chicago Bulls

2) Quest for 34 - LeBron and the Cavaliers are on fire and on a ridiculous 33 game winning streak. One more and they’ll break the 50 year record set by the Lakers in the 1971-72 season. The Cavaliers are in LA to face off against the new-look Los Angeles Lakers, led by their new superstar, John Trice, who claims the Cavaliers have no shot at breaking the Lakers record. When - Regular season - April 4, 2018 Where - Cleveland Versus - Los Angeles Lakers

3) Old School Showdown (Fantasy Matchup unlockable with pre-order) - LeBron dreams of what it would have been like to face off against the team whose record he just broke; the 1972 Los Angeles Lakers. Play this game against Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West and company if you win the Quest for 34. When - Dream Matchup Where - Los Angeles Versus - 1972 Los Angeles Lakers

4) Scoring Title Assist - LeBron has taken a backseat to Kyrie Irving this year, allowing Kyrie to go off and lead the NBA in scoring with one game left. The guy he’s going neck and neck with, James Harden, is coming into Cleveland needing 31 points to surpass Kyrie. Unfortunately Kyrie sprained his elbow and cannot play in the game. LeBron promises to hold Harden under 31 to give Kyrie the NBA Scoring Title. When - Last game of Regular Season - April 17, 2018 Where - Cleveland Versus - Houston Rockets

5) LeBron vs. The Giant - After zipping through the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Cavaliers (#1 seed) are struggling after losing most of their legitimate bigs throughout the series. LeBron steps up to the plate to take on the Center role, but he’s about to go against the Celtics (#2 seed) and the most dominant center in the league, Ekon Okoye. When - Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 - June 1, 2018 Where - Boston Versus - Boston Celtics

5) Kings Square Off (Unlockable after beating 'LeBron vs. The Giant') - John Trice is back at it again. The Lakers (#1 seed) hadn’t lost a game in the playoffs coming into the Finals. King John’s mouth is going off at a new level, calling LeBron washed up and in need of retirement. Both players come into the game on FIRE, going toe to toe. Eventually, the Cavaliers go on to lose the Finals 4 games to 3, King John being named MVP of the Finals. When - Finals Game 1 - June 6, 2018 Where - Cleveland Versus - Los Angeles Lakers

Year Six - LeBron on the Cleveland Cavaliers

1) Return of the Flash - The Cavaliers are clearly hurting at SG with Dion Waiters moving on to the 76ers. LeBron can’t think of a better player for the SG spot than his buddy Dwyane Wade, so he again works some magic and convinces his ol pal Dwyane to come out of retirement and join him. When - Regular season - November 21, 2018 Where - Cleveland Versus - Philadelphia 76ers

2) In LeBron We Trust - LeBron’s teammates are cold as can be and can’t seem to get out of their funk, no matter how easy the shots seem. LeBron hasn’t taken on the main scoring role since he’s been with the Cavaliers, but it’s clear it’s going to be up to him to do most of the scoring on his own to win this game. When - Regular season - December 2, 2018 Where - Orlando Versus - Orlando Magic

3) LeBron Unleashed - The media is stuck on the fact that LeBron appears to be losing athleticism. He’s out to show the world what he’s still got in his legs. Look out for big-time dunks, big-time speed. When - Regular Season - January 8, 2019 Where - Cleveland Versus - Golden State Warriors

4) Don't Call It A Comeback - LeBron misses 40 games with a rare injury. The Cavs are able to stay afloat with Kyrie and Dwyane putting in work, coming into the playoffs as a 7th seed. It’s been deemed unlikely that LeBron will be ready for the 1st round, where the Cavaliers are facing their Eastern Conference nemesis, the 2nd seed Boston Celtics. The SF for the Celtics is slaughtering the young rookie that took LeBron's place, and after allowing the Celtics to win two in a row (series tied 3-3), it becomes apparent LeBron will have to make an early, historic comeback. When - 1st Round Playoffs, Game 7 - May 3, 2019 Where - Boston Versus - Boston Celtics

5) Walk the Walk (Unlockable after beating 'Don't Call It A Comeback') - Paul George has been the talk of the NBA in the playoffs, scorching the first three rounds averaging 34 points per game. He guarantees he’s going to continue this success by putting up 30 on LeBron in Game 7, and he’ll take his Indiana Pacers to the NBA Finals. When - Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 - June 1, 2019 Where - Indiana Versus - Indiana Pacers

6) Will To Win (Unlockable after beating 'Walk the Walk') - It’s been a frustrating struggle, health-wise, for LeBron in the playoffs despite the public not knowing about his lingering injury. The injury is really bothering him … to the point where his doctors are recommending he sit out the Finals to avoid further damaging his body. LeBron has pushed through but there’s not much left. Game 7 is upon him and he’s convinced his coach he’s ready to go. When - Finals Game 7 - June 20, 2019 Where - Oklahoma City Versus - Oklahoma City Thunder

Year Seven - The Final Chapter (Unlockable after beating 'Will To Win') Back in Miami

1) The King's Coronation - King John first took the NBA title from LeBron two seasons ago, so the stakes are huge. King James is back in Miami, ready to write the final chapter where his championship run began. Besides the redemption factor, the chance to officially crown LeBron as the best player ever elevates this Finals Game 7 far into the stratosphere. When - Finals Game 7 - June 24, 2020 Where - Los Angeles Versus - Los Angeles Lakers

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