NBA 2K14 Path to greatness guide

Continue Heat Dynasty - Part 1

Unlike Fantastic Journey, which gives you the keys to a bunch of different LeBron-led franchises in a lot of different regular season and playoff scenarios, continuing the Heat Dynasty gets you right to the Finals every game (with one sidebar to the Eastern Conference Finals). It's still a ton of fun, as each challenge is unique and you're rewarded for dominating with the best in the business.

1) Rocket Like a Hurricane - In Dwight Howard's first season in Houston, he finally seems to be fully healed and back to his old self. Chandler Parsons has elevated his game to All-Star status, and James Harden was in the discussion for league MVP all year long. In the second half, the Rockets went on an absolute tear, winning 36 of their final 40 games and steamrolling into the NBA Finals. But LeBron and the Heat were ready and waiting, and with a chance to clinch the three-peat by closing out the Rockets at home, they'll do whatever it takes to end the series tonight.

2) The Dubs Are In Trouble - The Warriors traded for Omer Asik, whose consistent defensive presence down low was clearly the ingredient the team had been missing. With so many future picks being moved, it's now title or bust in Oaktown, and they look unstoppable. In one of the most competitive NBA Finals in recent memory, LeBron and the Heat are faced with a Game 7 on the road, with the loudest fans in the league doing everything they can to will their team to a title that's been almost 40 years in the making.

3) Kobe's Last Shot? - The Lakers bring in Kevin Love to join Carmelo Anthony. With Kobe showing signs of age, this could be his final shot at a 6th ring, and he'd like nothing more than to beat LeBron and end his championship streak along the way. The entire world will be watching Los Angeles for a Game 7 that will leave one superstar with plenty of unfinished business.

4) Off To Beat The Wizards - Washington's young trio of John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter has developed an unbelievable chemistry, owning far and away the best offense in the league and becoming the team everybody loves to watch. In what will surely be a high-scoring Game 7, the Heat must beat the Wizards in Miami in order to keep their playoff dream and chance at that 6th straight ring alive.

5) OKC You In The Finals - Frustrated with LeBron's recent success, Kevin Durant decides the best way to finally stop him is to bring in some serious bulk. Roy Hibbert is enlisted as the new rim-protecting big man after a few disappointing years in Indiana, and two-time defending Defensive Player of the Year Anthony Davis joins him in the post, creating a formidable tandem down low. With the Thunder putting up league-best defensive numbers, the Heat are huge underdogs going into the NBA Finals. They manage to force a deciding Game 7 in OKC, but if LeBron wants his 6th ring, he'll have no choice but to take the ball to the rim early and often against the toughest D in the league.

6) Bulls On Parade - Derrick Rose has been on a rampage all year, winning MVP with arguably the best supporting cast in the league. With Blake Griffin and Victor Oladipo joining forces with Rose, Noah, and Butler, the Bulls look like they finally have what it takes to get past LeBron and the Heat. In order to do it though, they'll need to win Game 7 in Miami, and LeBron has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to secure that all-important 7th ring.

7) Determining The Greatest - Following Dirk Nowitzki's retirement a few seasons ago, the Mavericks slowly built up a remarkable new core, bringing together a trio of young guns in Ekon Okoye, Dimitris Drakos, and John Trice. They have been dubbed the future of the league. Feeling like they are just one piece away, they lure Kobe Bryant out of retirement to play small forward and go head-to-head against LeBron. With the Finals knotted at 3 games apiece, and both superstars battling for their 7th ring and official status as the greatest player of all-time. This game is shaping up to be one of the most important in NBA history.

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