NBA 2K14 Path to greatness guide

Fantastic Journey - Part 1

If you want to really have some fun - and play with some amazingly talented fantasy teams - then Fantastic Journey is for you. Not only will you get to ball with a dozen or so future Hall of Famers, an interesting storyline develops between King James and a fictional rival that adds even more flavor to the recipe. Here's the full list of this amazing adventure.

Year One - LeBron on the Miami Heat

1) Run It Back - All off-season there has been speculation that this is LeBron’s last year in Miami. When - Regular season - January 26, 2014 Where - Miami Versus - San Antonio Spurs

2) LeBron's On Point - Starting Point Guard Mario Chalmers and his backup, Norris Cole, are injured. LeBron is about to channel his inner Magic Johnson and run point for the game. When - Regular season - February 5, 2014 Where - Miami Versus - Los Angeles Clippers

3) MVP Showdown - LeBron and Kobe Bryant are having excellent seasons, both in the front-running for the MVP Award. Many are saying it’s going to come down to this final game of the season. When - Regular season - April 17, 2014 Where - Los Angeles Versus - Los Angeles Lakers

4) Solving The Answer - Earlier in the year, Allen Iverson was able to work out a contract with the 76ers, making an improbable comeback and pulling off the impossible by taking his former team to the Conference Finals. The Sixers (#4 seed), playing their best basketball of the season, are actually picked by the “experts” to upset the Heat (#2 seed), who struggled in the previous playoff round. When - Conference Finals Game 1 - May 18, 2014 Where - Miami Versus - Philadelphia 76ers

5) Three-Peat At Stake (unlockable by winning 'Solving the Answer') - Midway through the first quarter LeBron severely sprains his ankle and word from the sideline reporter is that the docs guaranteed him “OUT” for the game. This is Game 7 and LeBron will not be held back. He pulls out his inner Larry Bird and returns in the 4th, where the Thunder (#2 seed in the West) have taken a seemingly insurmountable 15-point lead. When - Finals Game 7 - June 21, 2014 Where - Miami Versus - Oklahoma City Thunder

Year Two - LeBron on the New York Knicks

1) Decision 2 - LeBron’s new team is talented but not much is expected out of them with the roster that is currently assembled. LeBron has every intention of proving that what is on paper only goes so far. He gets his opportunity to show the world what his team has by facing off against his former team, the Miami Heat, and his best buddy Dwyane Wade. When - First Game of Regular season - October 30, 2014 Where - New York Versus - Miami Heat

2) Passing of the Torch - LeBron is a few points from becoming the quickest player to reach 25,000 points and has the chance to do so against the player who currently holds the record, Kobe Bryant. This is the last meeting between two of the greatest to ever play the game, as Kobe Bryant announced before the game that this will be his last. When - Last Game of Regular season - April 17, 2015 Where - New York Versus - Los Angeles Lakers

3) 8th is Enough - The Knicks struggled through the year with LeBron missing 25 games due to a lower back injury. They managed to limp their way into the playoffs as an 8th seed. LeBron plans to make the Knicks the first team in NBA history to win it all as an 8th seed. Up first: The cross-town rival and #1 seed Brooklyn Nets. When - 1st Round Playoffs, Game 1 - April 19, 2015 Where - Brooklyn Versus - Brooklyn Nets

4) Enter King John - After fairly easily dismissing the Nets, LeBron faces his former coach, Erik Spoelstra and the new look Cleveland Cavaliers (#4 seed). Erik vowed before the game that he knows how to prevent LeBron from going off, and one way of doing so was to put his new star, John "Johnny Buckets" Trice, on LeBron. Before the game John starts calling himself “King John", saying he’s thereal king of the NBA. When - 2nd Round Playoffs, Game 1 - May 6, 2015 Where - Cleveland Versus - Cleveland Cavaliers

5) Battle for the Ages - After a grueling 7 game series vs. the Cavaliers, LeBron has been going back and forth through 6 games in the Eastern Conference Finals against his buddy Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat (#6 seed). Both guys come into the game playing at a level never seen before…going toe to toe game after game…reminding basketball historians of the classic match-ups of old. When - Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 - May 19, 2015 Where - Miami Versus - Miami Heat

5) Getting Clipped (Unlockable after winning 'Battle for the Ages') - If there is a team in the league LeBron has “struggled” against it’s the Clippers on the road. The Clippers (#3 seed in the west) have home court in this Finals and the series is tied 3-3. Win this one on the road and he can get the monkey off his shoulders. When - Finals Game 7 - June 20, 2015 Where - Los Angeles Versus - Los Angeles Clippers

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