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Mr. Driller congratulates Chilean miner rescue

In case you%26rsquo;ve been cryogenically frozen since July,the Chilean miners trapped underground for the last two months have just been liberated from their dirt prison! In that time the whole world rallied behind the unfortunate souls held captive by the Earth itself, so not only is it great news that all 33 men have emerged, initial hospital examinations show little to no sign of long term damage and some of them are even leaving the hospital as we speak to go about their daily lives.

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And that%26rsquo;s were Namco would like to remind all involved what made this little miraculous rescue possible: Drills! And who better to celebrate the heroism of those brave tools of sharpened shaft than the videogame hero who%26rsquo;s spent the last decade making terra firma his bitch?!Mario may've already tipped his helmet to the successful rescue, butThe House of Pac-Man wentand did it officially with none other than Mr. Driller! %26ldquo;Welcome Back!%26rdquo; proclaims the oh-so precious hybrid of Stewie Griffen and Mega Man in the miners%26rsquo; native tongue. I don%26rsquo;t know about you, but today%26rsquo;s events and any mention of this kickass puzzle series makes me supremely happy.

Above: Mr. Driller gets the job done 30% faster than his brother Dig Dug

Oct 14, 2010