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Chilean miners Super Mario pic makes our mouths laugh with lolZ

So an Irishman, and Englishman and a Chilean miner walk into this pub… honestly, we’ve heard so many jokes about the plucky South American cave-dwellers in the last few weeks our eardrums are starting to bleed. To commemorate the joyous day all 33 men were freed from their dank, sunless hell (i.e. yesterday), an internet wag has made a picture of Mario Sepulveda (the second miner rescued) and his pals in Super Mario Bros.

Namely, this picture...

Since the miners became trapped, Sepulveda who's been dubbed Super Mario (Boom! Boom!), has become the unofficial spokesman for the group. And upon his rescue yesterday he said:"I was with the devil and touched the hand of God". Beautiful, ain't it? Also, he totally looks like Mario...

Anyhoo, God bless you, Chilean miners. They can thank the big man upstairs for freeing them all they want. But we all know it was the workof a fat-ass plumber that really saved them.

Source: Hard-Boiled Wonderland

Oct 14, 2010