How to destroy the Nether Portal in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends nether portal
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The Minecraft Legends Nether Portal in the Night Beacon mission is where the campaign really starts to heat up, and you're challenged to break into the Piglin's portal so that you can put an end to the permanent night. Your first task is to clear the fortress outpost around the portal, which is bigger than anything you'll have encountered previously in Minecraft Legends, and the defenses there are a lot more organised. To counter that, you're given some new mobs to work with, as the classic Minecraft monsters have arrived on the scene to assist, bringing new tools and abilities to your arsenal. This guide explains the best way to destroy the Nether Portal in Minecraft Legends, with an easy to follow walkthrough of the Night Beacon mission.

How to destroy the Nether Portal in the Minecraft Legends Night Beacon mission

Minecraft Legends nether portal

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

To destroy the Nether Portal in Minecraft Legends, players need to focus their attention, build up their forces, and play smart, as the outpost is heavily defended and it's easy to get wiped out if you're not careful.

Fortunately, you now have three new kinds of powerful mob - Skeletons, who serve as long range archers, Zombies, melee fighters who can take a lot of damage, and Creepers, who blow up to do massive damage and scare away survivors. With their firepower and yours both increased, here's some useful pointers on what to do.

  • Immediately cross the bridge and destroy the Piglin pit. 
    • There's no way to stop the Piglins from spawning from the central portal, but you want to thin their numbers as much as possible.
  • Afterwards, destroy the main gate.
    • You have to break the outer wall at some point, as you can't build on their terrain to create a ramp over the wall. The gate is a bit easier to destroy, so focus on that.
  • Head back to the starting point for more reinforcements. 
    • There's no spawners for the new monsters, but they slowly appear over time where you started, back over the bridge. Head there whenever your forces are depleted to get more cannon fodder. You should also get a couple of Mossy Golems, to help heal your forces.
  • Head directly to the Nether Portal. 
    • The base is full of enemies, towers and dangerous tech, but considering the infinite enemies that the portal can produce, at this point you just want to get rid of it, as there's no way to make this area safe.
  • Divert forces between the Portal and nearby minions. 
    • Send your destructive Creepers to attack the Portal itself, while your Zombies and Skeletons do a mix of Portal destruction and fighting Piglin minions. The giant hog mini-boss that roams the area is a particular threat, but Skeleton snipers should be able to wear it down.
  • Protect your Portal attackers. 
    • At this point, your main role is to melee the enemies coming out of the Portal, trying to thin them out and keep those mobs you have attacking the Portal safe. If things are getting rough, back off, get more reinforcements, and come back - the game will remember the damage the portal took.

And that should carry you through! The point about getting new reinforcements is the key here, as Minecraft Legends doesn't highlight that especially well early on and it's easy to think your new friends are limited in number. However, the fact that you can go get more, and that the game remembers the damage you did to the Nether Portal, means you shouldn't struggle too much by the end.

There'll be other Nether Portals later on, and while some of the advice we've given here does apply, it's worth mentioning that you won't have infinite forces to rely on for those - you'll be using Spawners again.

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