How to fast travel in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends fast travel
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Understanding fast travel in Minecraft Legends is essential to your progress, as it will allow you to teleport around the map and cut down on your walking time. It can also be vital during night time in Minecraft Legends, if you need to rush to the aid of a village under attack or deal with an emerging Piglin threat before it gets out of hand. How you use it and where you can go may not be obvious at first, so here's an explanation of how to fast travel in Minecraft Legends, as well as the potential cost of doing so.

Fast Travel in Minecraft Legends explained

Minecraft Legends fast travel

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Fast Travel in Minecraft Legends unlocks fairly early in the main campaign, after destroying your first Piglin outpost. You'll be told once it has, and from that point on, players can fast travel to any friendly Village or Wellhouse by selecting it on the map and pressing A/X. 

Fast Travel is instant, with players vanishing and reappearing at the spot they choose. However, we recommend that you don't fast travel unless you have to. As outlined in our Minecraft Legends tips, exploring is the chance to find resources, golden chests, and unique or special resources. Skipping all that is definitely quicker, but leaves you less ready to deal with whatever challenges are ahead.

How to make new fast travel points and Wellhouses

Minecraft Legends fast travel

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A fast travel point, specifically called a Wellhouse in Minecraft Legends, is a structure that players can make after the point in the main story where the Piglins first attempt to create a permanent night. 

Wellhouses can be chosen from the building structures menu, and created on a large section of flat terrain with the following resources:

  • Wood x250
  • Stone x250
  • Iron x75
  • Prismarine x50

The key element here is the Prismarine cost, as Prismarine is hard to get in high quantities without a lot of effort. That's not to say that a Wellhouse is never worth building, but you shouldn't build too many of them, especially early on, when Prismarine is better spent on Improvements to upgrade your abilities.

Still, from that point on, you'll be able to fast travel to, or respawn at, any Wellhouse you've built. While not indestructible, they are pretty resilient to damage, so they likely won't be destroyed while you leave them alone.

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