How to build in Minecraft Legends

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If you're wondering how to build in Minecraft Legends, then that's understandable as the process is somewhat different to the original game. There are plenty of different structures, improvements, buildings, and more to choose from for your constructions in Minecraft Legends, and sometimes you need to know how to build things fast so that you can defend yourself when the Piglins are closing in for an attack. To make sure you're well equipped to set up your structures and unlock new buildings along the way, follow this guide on how to build in Minecraft Legends which will explain everything.

Building in Minecraft Legends explained

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Building things in Minecraft Legends is broken into three categories: Combat Spawners, Player Buildings and Improvements. These are built in pretty similar ways, but do very different things for the player. We'll cover that in a second, but for now, here's how to build things:

  1. Equip anything you want to build to the Hotbar from the Songbook (RS/R3).
  2. Select either Spawners, Buildings or Improvements on the D-Pad.
  3. Select the Spawner, Building or Improvement from the Hotbar with the bumpers/shoulder buttons, then A/X to select it.
  4. Move the cursor to where you want to build this object and press A/X.
  5. If you have the resources and a spare Allay, the object will start automatically building.
  6. The object will be built in a certain amount of time, depending on its size, but rarely more than twenty seconds.

The important thing to remember is that aside from the basic resources and materials needed for the new building or Spawner, players need to have a Gold Allay ready to go, the little yellow fairy sprites who build the object for you. If all your Allays are busy building, you'll have to wait for them to finish what they're doing first before your construction starts to appear. 

You'll also need the resources to build them, which will change depending on what you're trying to make. The box in the bottom left of the screen shows both how many resources you have, as well as how much the structure you want to build will cost when you have it selected.

How to unlock new buildings and structures in Minecraft Legends

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New buildings in Minecraft are chosen and added to your hotbar through the Songbook (RS/R3), but you'll need to have unlocked them first. While some buildings are unlocked through the main campaign, most of them are unlocked by creating Improvements at the Improvement Hubs at the Well of Fate, though this will obviously require resources to do so, such as the rare Prismarine that acts as the game's version of EXP.

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