Minecraft Legends Portal Pile guide and walkthrough

Minecraft Legends portal pile
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The Minecraft Legends Portal Pile is the first of the Lost Legends and Myths you'll encounter, and by following this guide you'll be able to beat it and claim the golden skin as your reward at the conclusion. The goal for this challenge in Minecraft Legends is to protect the village fountain, by fighting off a full twenty waves of Piglin hordes that are emerging from three separate portals. This may be a very difficult task to complete, but we've got a explanation here for how to beat the Portal Pile in Minecraft Legends, and we've actually managed to do it solo so it is possible!

How to beat the Portal Pile Lost Legends and Myths Adventure in Minecraft Legends

`Minecraft Legends portal pile

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To beat Portal Pile in Minecraft Legends requires constant improvisation, construction and directing of mobs to have any chance of success. There's no one specific method that'll get you to victory alone, but there are a lot of useful tips and tricks that might not be so obvious. We'll explain what you want to do below.

  • Build a wall around the Fountain. 
    • This is your last line of defense - build a wall around the Fountain itself with a gate to let you access the Village Chest. This wall is essential, and you'll want to defend it as much as possible.
  • Space out your spawners. 
    • The Recall feature where you summon mobs back to you is very useful - having spawners around the area means you can recall them to any point.
  • Always remember to loot the chest. 
    • The chest refills after every wave, but with only 15 seconds between waves, you'll need to be fast.
  • Choke the area outside your Fountain Wall with Masonries, Towers, Carpenter's Sheds and more walls. 
    • The stupid AI of the Piglins means they'll attack buildings on the way to the Fountain first, and you want them to attack literally anything other than the Fountain. The busier the path, the more time it'll take for them to reach it.
  • Recall and target your mobs. 
    • With three Portals enemies can come from, you'll want to apply your mob army carefully. We suggest focusing on one portal at a time, using your structures to slow the others while you deal with the deadliest one. Once that force is thinning, you need to…
  • "Shave" your forces. 
    • This is a technique wherein you run alongside your army and Rally, effectively shaving off a section of them to follow you, and leaving others behind to keep fighting. Careful shaving can get you a healthy mix of mobs without committing all of them to one area - then recall them all from a spawner when the wave is over.
  • Swap out your Songbook melodies, quick! 
    • More spawners, buildings and abilities will unlock for you, and you won't be able to win with the starting ones. Make sure you take a moment to swap out the weaker ones for better ones!
  • Throw towers in the enemies' way. 
    • If the Piglins are about to break through some defenses, drop four Arrow or Scatter towers on the opposite side. They're cheap (especially later), and should be built by the time they break through. Then the Piglins will start attacking them, getting shot while they do, and giving you more time - later on, you want to be pretty trigger happy with deploying those.
  • Keep some Carpenters' Sheds around the Fountain. 
    • The only way to repair the Fountain is to have it in the radius of a Carpenter's Shed - so you'll want at least one close to it. This'll also auto-repair the walls and other structures.

Clearly there's a lot here, but keep it up, and you can make it. As I mentioned, I've personally beaten it solo, which took roughly four or five attempts, but the important part is choking the area around the wall. It should be physically difficult for the Piglins to even reach the Fountain Wall, and if you can block them off with things that hurt them back, that's even better - buying you time to bring your army in.

Portal Pile rewards and how to claim them

`Minecraft Legends portal pile

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The reward for beating Portal Pile is a unique skin of golden armour called the Portal Buster, though this isn't given to you instantly. Instead, you need to go into the Marketplace, where it'll now be unlocked as free DLC. At that point, changing your skin as normal will allow you to wear this gold armor set.

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