How to get iron in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Iron
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Minecraft Legends iron is obtained from deposits, and as with other resources in the world you can dig it up with Allays. In addition to these deposits being more likely to appear in certain biomes over others, there are other places in Minecraft Legends where you can find it such as in village chests, and I've laid out a full list of locations in this guide. It's always useful to have a supply of iron on hand, as it's one of the essential components needed for powerful mobs and entities once you reach the mid-game, such as Grindstone Golems and Mossy Golems. Read on for details of how to get Iron in Minecraft Legends, so you can be ready to build up your supply.

Where to find iron in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Iron

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Iron in Minecraft Legends is found in deposits that are most common in the following biomes:

  • Fatelands
  • Forest
  • Dry Savanna

Players can harvest it in the same way they harvest wood and stone, but keep in mind that it is simply a much rarer resource than either of the others, and easy to mistake for regular stone if you're not looking carefully for it. Iron itself appears in small patches, and Iron Blocks look like stone with pale brown markings going through them, the same way they look in the original Minecraft. 

You can also find iron in the following ways:

  • Inside Village Chests (check their map to see if the village produces Iron)
  • When obtaining the Gather Iron Improvement for the first time
  • As a random drop from Gold Chests in the overworld

Once you have iron, you'll be able to build some special, better equipment and mobs, such as the Grindstone and Mossy Golem spawners, as well as buildings like the Masonry. However, because Iron is pretty rare, you'll want to use it carefully, as well as keep a close eye on deposits as you travel, and local Village Chests. If you're interested in more rare resources, we've got tips on farming Minecraft Legends Prismarine here!

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