The best mobs in Minecraft Legends explained

Minecraft Legends best mobs
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Deciding on the best mobs in Minecraft Legends will vary depending on what you're trying to do, as they are each geared towards a particular type of process or enemy. With a selection of golems, monsters, and more at your disposal once you've worked out how to control mobs in Minecraft Legends, it can be tricky to determine which is the right choice for your particular circumstances. With that in mind I'm here to help, so here's an explanation of how they work and which are the best mobs in Minecraft Legends.

Best Mobs in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends best mobs

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The best mobs in Minecraft Legends depend on what you're fighting, but we've found that the classic enemies of Minecraft are better than the standard Golem minions, and the Creepers in particular are some of the best mobs to have around, as while they destroy themselves, they can do huge damage to opponents and their bases. We also have to appreciate the Mossy Golems, as these little healers can do a lot to ensure your team doesn't get quickly wiped out.

It's worth keeping in mind that while the classic enemies are better, Golems are also much cheaper to make and spawn, so they should be most of your fighting force across the game. Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons might be more powerful, but they're expensive, and you can't spawn them forever without running out of resources.

All Mobs in Minecraft Legends explained

Minecraft Legends best mobs

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Here's all the mobs in Minecraft Legends we've found so far, as well as how best to use them, and what they cost from a Spawner.

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MobCost from mob spawnerUnit typeBest at...
Plank GolemWood x1, Lapis x1Standard ranged combat unitFighting hordes of weak enemies from a distance.
Cobblestone GolemStone x1, Lapis x1Standard melee combat unitDestroying structures.
Grindstone GolemIron x1, Lapis x1Fast moving melee combat unit that stuns enemiesFighting ranged enemies.
Mossy GolemIron x1, Lapis x1Non-combat support unit that heals and clears debuffs on nearby alliesSupporting nearby groups of melee allies.
ZombieRedstone x2, Lapis x2Melee combat unit with very high health and debuff resistance, as well as disrupting melee attackFrontline fighting.
SkeletonDiamond x2, Lapis x2Ranged combat unit that can shoot over walls and hit opponents at long rangeSniping distant bosses or hordes.
CreeperCoal x2, Lapis x2Exploding mobs that do very high damage to both enemies and structures, causing survivors to flee in fearBreaking through clumps of foes or sturdy walls.

There are other mobs wandering around the world that can be hired, such as animals, but they tend to have pretty limited usage, and these are the staple mobs that we've encountered so far and which can be generated from spawners. 

It's worth mentioning that there are other mobs that can be accessed later that mark the "final tier" of superiority, including the warrior villagers and the full-sized golems, but because these aren't obtained until much later in the story, and just are the best version, there's little point in explaining them - they're like all the starting golems, but much better.

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