How to play with friends in Minecraft Legends multiplayer

Minecraft Legends multiplayer
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The Minecraft Legends multiplayer online mode lets you team up with friends, or find others to go on adventures with thanks to matchmaking, and there are both cooperative and competitive modes available depending on how you want to play Minecraft Legends. It may not be obvious at first what the different options mean or how you set things up, which is why I'm here to explain what's on offer. To find out more, here's how to play Minecraft Legends multiplayer.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer explained

Minecraft Legends online multiplayer can be played through any of the game's major modes, listed below:

You can click on any of these for more information, but you'll need to make sure that you have the relevant online service subscription, if you're on a platform that requires one for multiplayer - such as Xbox network, PS Plus, or the Nintendo Switch Online membership. Without one, you won't be able to play the online mode at all.

Campaign and story multiplayer

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To play the campaign online, players can choose that option when loading their save. In the set-up page, there'll be the option to invite friends (there's no random matchmaking) who can help you in your game specifically. However, any progress you make in somebody else's game won't carry over to your game - it'll stay in theirs.

The story multiplayer allows up to four players, and they can join while you're playing. Resources are shared in multiplayer, though Allays are not - an important distinction.

Versus mode and competitive multiplayer

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Versus mode is the second and main competitive online multiplayer element, where players can battle each other. Versus has both random matchmaking and the option to play with friends, though the limited ability to communicate can prove a problem. There's also team options, as players can either play 1v1 or on 4v4 teams.

Versus mode gives each team a base - blue or orange - on a large map, and the goal is to destroy the other team's base first, using both mobs and structures. Teams clearly make a big difference as to how this is played, as some players can defend the base while others go on the attack.

Lost Legends & Myths cooperative multiplayer

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The Lost Legends & Myths are one-off challenges that can be downloaded once per month, and are a cooperative game mode (at least at time of writing) that up to four players can team up to beat, similar to how the co-op campaign works, with shared resources and unique Allays. However, unlike the campaign, players cannot join a game in progress - you form the lobby before going in and starting the challenge, with all the same restrictions as there are in the story.

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