Metroid: Other M - Missile Tank and Accel Charge Guide

Map Legend:

White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Pink: Energy Parts
Purple: Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks

Missile Tanks:

1. As you enter the first large room, head up the stairs on the left and go into the doorway on the right side. The tank will just be chillin inside.

2. In the room with the desks and tv screens, there will be some hexagons on the floor to the right. Shoot the middle one with a rocket and the tank will be revealed.

3. In this room there is a cylinder of sorts that is a hologram thingy sorta kinda. Go to the back of it and jump in the middle of it and jump back and forth to the vent at the top. Enter and grab the missile tank at the end.

Sep 1, 2010