Metroid: Other M - Missile Tank and Accel Charge Guide

Map Legend:

White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Pink: Energy Parts
Purple: Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks

Missile Tanks:

1. After you get the Ice Beam, shoot one of the openings on the left in the corridor with the blowing flames and hop in.

2. After the ShineSpark jump, just past the generator room, you will roll through an opening. Take the right path to come to this missile tank.

3. After the battle with ridley, grapple out to the staircase room and super missile the door. Drop down the shaft to find a vent to roll through. Grab the next missile tank there.

4. In the same room as the Energy tank part, there is a power bomb door. Blow it and inside you will find another missile tank.

5. In the north east longer room that heads south, there is a large area of lava and 3 grapples on the ceiling. The missile tank will be in an opening on the far side wall. Grapple over and then jump over the wall and drop into the opening.

6. As you exit the sand filled corridor, go through the door on the right and hop up the elevator shaft. At the top of the shaft will be a door to Super Missile. Pop it and hop through for the tank.

7. In the corridor after the previous tank, you will need to head to the bottom of the next elevator shaft and then space jump across the lava pool.

8. On the west side of the broken lava bridge, shoot the switch once you have the wave gun and a hatch will open in the floor. Drop down and roll for the missile tank there.

9. On the west side of the lava bridge, inside the corridor there, there is a ramp that will have a door on it that can be opened with a Super Missile. Shoot it and grab the tank hidden under the stairs.

10. Outside in the large lava room, there will be a series of small stones that you can jump across, at the end of the series, drop a power bomb and the pointed rock will shatter to reveal a missile tank.

11. In the middle corridor on the map, heading north and south, there will be a room that has a bunch of tv screens and control panel. Roll under the stairs at the control panel to find the missile tank under there.

12. In the corridor just outside the previous room, there is a vent on the right side wall. Jump up to it and roll on in for another missile tank.

13. When you are in the room where the “bird” corpse is stuck on the wall, head out the door and up the ramp a little. Speed boost back into the room and ShineSpark up to the ledge on the right.

Accel Charge Tanks

1. As soon as you grab the energy tank in the geothermal power plant, grapple across to the opening to find the yellow little bugger hiding in there.

2. On the east side of the lava bridge, use the power bomb to open the door and it will be inside.

3. After the hallway with the flames shooting out of the grates along the walls and the dirt floors, is a room with 3 large metal circles on the floor. Shoot them with a missile and one will have a launcher in it. Roll up and go for a ride to find the Accel Charge.