Metroid: Other M - Missile Tank and Accel Charge Guide

Map Legend:

White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Pink: Energy Parts
Purple: Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks

Missile Tanks

1. In the glass lined corridor, jump to the second vent and hop inside. The tank will be there at the back.

2. At the top of the elevator shaft, after it comes crashing down on the unwelcome guest, there is an opening on the right side. Hop over and roll through to get the missile tank there.

3. In the water passage, kill the tentacle down below and hop up into the vent opening that he was occupying.

4. Under the water, with the platforms - past the water passage in a small cave to the far right side.

5. In the same passage as the first tank, but you will need the speed boost and gravity suit to reach it through the grating at the far end.

6. On the map, the large circle to the east has a winding tower in the center. Run up the ramp and ShineSpark jump at the end straight up to reach the upper platform there.

7. One of the more trickier tanks to get, this one is on the slope in the jungle areas. First you need to destroy the branches with a speed boost, and then shoot the hatch door with a super missile. After that, grapple up and grab your reward.

8. After the glass hallway and the super missile door at the end, head down the stairs and through the door to find a shaft on the left. Jump up it and you’ll find a tree and a missile tank.

9. When you reach the grapple point to get over the large rock in the way, halfway up will be an opening that you can roll into to grab the missile tank inside.

10. When you reach the large bridge, use the control panel to lower it and then hop down to the ground. Head for the opening at the end closest to you and there will be an opening on the right.

11. Space Jump over the large gap and grab your goods.

12. On the ceiling just before the shaft you jump up, there will be a box to shoot. Pop it open and the missile tank will drop to the floor.

13. When you enter the glass lined hallway, shoot the switch with the wavegun and a door will open allowing you to enter and grab the tank inside the room.

14. To get on the platform where this tank is, go back two rooms – the room before the save point – and there is a paved road on the left side. Run along it and speed boost through the wall and you will reach the tank.

15. In the room with the staircase, just after the super missile door you blow through, there is a shaft on the ceiling you can ShineSpark jump up into to grab another tank.

16. When you hop up the shaft, after rolling through the waterfall and enter the corridor, shoot the switch above the door you enter and a vent cover will pop off in the hallway. Roll on in and grab the tank there.

17. When you reach the turn heading right, there is a shaft above you that you can jump up in to with a ShineSpark. Use it and the tank will be on a ledge half way up inside a box.

18. Once at the top of the shaft, head through the door and in the next corridor will be a door that needs to be shot with a super missile on the left side wall. In the room there is the goods.

19. Across the hall from the previous tank in another, that you can get to by rolling through an opening in the vent opening. Blast open the box for the tank.

20. When you are drop out of the vent, in to the Scrap block, burn the garbage piles and there will be an opening behind one of them. Hop on in and grab the tank there.

21. After you exit the garbage piles, up the ramp, you’ll come to a corridor of dirt. About hallway through, there is a small ramp where you can ShineSpark jump up through and grab another tank.

22. If you drop off the ledge from the previous tank and land on the ledge just below, there is a vent there that will swing you around to another tank in a box.

23. When you are in the room with the large tree in the center, the missile tank is near the top, sitting on a ledge there. If you are in the lower room where you fought the boss earlier, you need to go around to the north of the map and follow the corridor to this room to get it.

24. For this tank, you need to turn off the hologram in the room so it isn’t a lush jungle anymore. Use the vent on the left to roll to the control panel and then blast the super missile door at the far left. ShineSpark jump up and grab the tank.

25. Follow the vent around and hop over the opening at the end to grab the tank. If you fall through the hole, no worries, you can hop right back in and try again.

26. Now that the holograms are sort of off, you can hop up on the metal ledges. The left side of the curved corridor has a missile tank sitting pretty on top of it.

Accel Charge Tank

1. Down the second ramp, there will be a washroom through the left door. Open the stall door and the tank will be in there trying to drop a wicked deuce.