Metroid: Other M - Missile Tank and Accel Charge Guide

Energy Tanks are one thing, but all the extra health in the world isn't going to help you blow Ridley up. Which is why Samus is going to need some extra Missile Tanks if she's going to have any hope of making it out alive. And that leads us to our wonderful Missile Tank and Accel Tank guide, scientifically proven to help you get 100% of all them glowing doohickies Samus is gonna need to make things blow up better than a Michael Bay move on the Fourth of July.

While some can be collected right away and others not till later on in the game (backtracking is part of the Metroid experience after all), 100 percent of them can be reached with a little ingenuity , hard work, and know how. Or by using this guide.

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Main Sector

Map Legend:

White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Pink: Energy Parts
Purple: Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks

Missile Tanks:

1. Just after hopping up the three levels of platforms, where the elevator is, passing the save room, there is a long catwalk corridor that has a small opening on the right side. Drop in and roll for the tank.

2. In the corridor just east of your starting point, you will see some hole in a fence and some slime. Ignore those and drop all the way to the bottom, off the ledge and there will be an opening in the floor at the side closest to you that will lead to a missile tank.

3. At the second set of stairs, where there is a glass wall and turned over furniture, blow open the vents and follow it along to the missile tank at the hangar.

4. Once the power is turned on at the console and the ledges lift up, roll into the opening on the left hand side on the second ledge down from the top.

5. After the big battle, grapple up and follow the corridor to the elevator. Use the power bomb and then drop down. Hop in the left side vent and grab the tank there.

6. A the top of the stairs, just inside the entrance way, space jump across to the platforms and roll through the vent.

7. When you reach the shaft you have to kick jump up, use a ShineSpark jump up the shaft and there will be a tank at the very top.

8. After you take out the big boss and power bomb the elevator, enter the next corridor and there will be an opening in the ceiling. Bounce jump up into it and all the way to the top for the tank there.

Accel Charge Tank:

1. This tank is near the start just before the first save room. When you reach the top ledges around the center elevator, look through the glass on the right side and there will be a switch to charge shoot. When you do, the door will slide open and the tank is yours.

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