Metroid: Other M - Missile Tank and Accel Charge Guide

Map Legend:

White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Pink: Energy Parts
Purple: Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks

Missile Tanks

1. After you round the corner when you first enter the snowy part, there will be a missile tank behind the 2nd column you jump over.

2. Make your way under the water, to the far right side, in the room with the hanging tentacle.

3. Just after you roll under the ice covered boards and drop down to the next room, jump into the shaft on the far right side and follow it around.

4. When you find the frozen corpse, freeze the spinning fans and hop into the left side one. Roll down and shoot the case to grab a missile tank.

5. After you drop the water out of the water room, return to it and hop up the ledges on the other side. Enter the vent there for the missile tank.

6. When you enter generator room, hop up the second cylinder and hop off towards you – the player – to the ledge there to find the missile tank.

7. After the cutscene and next save room, you will come to a room with some boxes on the right. The tank is on the other side of them.

8. When you are just past the previous tank, you will need to ShineSpark up to a structure at the end of a canyon. Jump to the structure before it first for the missile tank.

9. Just north of main sector, there is a door on the right side of the corridor that can be blasted open with a super missile. Do so and grab the tank within.

10. When you are in the heavy gravity part after you have received the gravity suit, there will be a grapple point that has a wall to the left of it. Grapple and kick jump up and up and you will come to a missile tank.

11. Another missile tank can be found in the heavy gravity area through a vent that is high up on the wall. When you reach the area where you need to leap up a few ledges and have a vertical fence on your right side, head left and go against the wall. Jump to the vent and pull up to get the tank.

12. Just east of the main sector, there will be a section of three fans spinning. Freeze them and then hop into the center one and roll through to the end. Crack the box open at the end and grab the missile tank there.

13. In the room just east of the previous missile tank, you will come to the room with two fans at the far end and a control booth. For the tank in here, speed boost to the far end, where there is a small pit in the ground and then launch straight up to break the pipe and climb in. roll forward to get the tank.

14. In the same pipe as the previous missile tank, roll the opposite way, hopping over the opening you made, and head to the end there. Blow open the box there and grab your tank.

15. When you reach the steep ramp that you need to speed boost up and that leads to the E-Recoveryery tank, turn around and speed boost and launch off at the top off the ramp to find a missile tank box.

16. In the room with the large lab tanks lining the walls and the large gap in the center, speed boost to the far side of the room and then use a power bomb on the green lighted ledge to open the door below to find the tank there.

17. In the northeast corner of the map, inside the building corridor, there is a door in the floor that can be opened with a super missile. Shoot it and grab your tank.

18. Again in the northeast corner, when you reach the staircase inside, screw attack across to the platform and roll into the vent there.

19. When you return to the room where you had to knock down the icicles on the ceiling, on the south side of the room, the ledge leading out of the room will have 2 holes in the side of it. Once you have the Gravity Suit, you can hop up into the opening and grab the missile tank.

20. In the center of the map, near the two close save stations, there is a door that has a stream running beside it. Roll up the stream and follow it around to find a blue, shiny missile tank there.

Accel Charge

1. After you defeat the woodland creature – that’s my pet name for them -in the experimental grounds, the snow bank will fall letting you up to the higher ledge. Walk to the small snowy mound and blast it to get the charge accelerator.