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Metroid: Other M - Energy Tank and E-Recovery Tank Guide

Samus is back and is ready to go. Well, almost. Every gorgeous bounty hunter needs a hand here and there - even ifshe's already armed to the gills with wave beams, and missiles and can roll up into a tiny ball. In addition to the tricks the Murderess of Metroids already possesses, there are various tanks scattered around the different sectors of the Bottle Ship to give her that extra push to becoming a full blown one woman army.

While some can be collected right away and others not till later on in the game ( backtracking is part of the Metroid experience after all), 100 percent of them can be reached with a little ingenuity , hard work, and know how. Or by using this guide.

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Main Sector

Map Legend:

Pink: Energy Tank Parts
Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks
White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Energy Tanks:

1. Just after you bounce jump up the shaft, the next room will have the energy tank on the upper level. Use the broken vent to left and roll up to it.

Energy Tank Parts:

1. In the residential area which can be accessed after you use a power bomb in the room to the right of the command center – the room with loads of tv screens and a second floor you can’t reach, you’ll need to do a speed boost around the center column and then leap straight up. Once at the top of your jump, then screw attack over to the energy part waaaaaaay up there.

2. Hop your way to the top of the elevator along the ledges on the outside of it, and the energy part will be on the left side.