Metroid: Other M - Energy Tank and E-Recovery Tank Guide

Map Legend:

Pink: Energy Tank Parts
Purple: Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks

White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Energy Tank:

1. Once you enter the geothermal power plant, head up the stairs and the part will be sitting all pretty waiting for you there.

Energy Tank Parts:

1. As you cross the lava tube and enter the next room, hop on the ledge with the fire flies and roll through the opening.

2. After using the control panel to lower the lava under the glass floor, roll through the opening on the right to find it.

3. In the corridor to the direct right of the main sector entrance, there is a room with some lava and a grapple hook. Use the super missile on the door to the left and the control panel inside to open the far wall. Swing through to grab the Energy tank part inside there.

4. In the room between save points to the east, there is a pool of lava and two grapple hooks. Swing over to the far right side and then in the far right corner, down off the edge, against the wall will be an opening. Drop down for the energy part.

5. When you are in the very large lava room and the lava monsters - I’m sure they have some cool name – are swinging at you, half way through there will be a rock with a small opening to roll into.

Aug 31, 2010

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