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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 4: Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink (9 parts, 3 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 4

1911: part 1

After the initial firefight, turn around, walk to the door, and turn right to find this part on the ground.

1911: part 2

To the left of the pool table is a staircase. Climb the steps and follow the path until you find another part near the restrooms.

1911: part 3

Just after the shootout in the parking lot, go back down the stairs leading into the bar to find the third 1911 part.

Clue 1: Max’s NYPD Badge

Instead of leaving Max’s apartment after the cutscene, walk over to the table behind the couch and check out his old badge.

M500: part 1

While still in Max’s apartment, look on the floor between the couch and the window for this part.

Clue 2: Brewer’s Journal

Enter Brewer’s apartment and check the table with the tools on it for a clue.

Clue 3: Newspaper Clippings

From clue 2, simply turn around and investigate the newspaper clippings on the wall.

SAF 40 CAL: part 1

Run past the snipers until you reach the damaged area where Brewer blew himself up. Approach the stairs, but instead of heading up, turn right and check the room for a gun part.

M500: part 2

After emerging onto the roof, take out the baddies, then loop around to the right to find another part.

SAF 40 CAL: part 2

After the water tower sequence, a short cutscene with Passos will occur. Instead of following him afterwards, head in the opposite direction (your left) until you find this part.

M500: part 3

After the second firefight on the higher level of the abandoned apartment, Passos will call you over to the fire escape. Instead, turn around from where you entered this floor and search the scaffolding for a gun part.

SAF 40 CAL: part 3

After killing all the goons inside the chop shop, enter the office on the right. Go to the far end and check the desk on your left for a part.