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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 10: It’s Drive Or Shoot Sister (6 parts, 2 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 10

FN FAL: part 1

After the initial firefight, look for half of a green bus with its roof missing. You can take out the snipers before you run inside this bus and grab the part, or you can be dumb and get shot to death like we did. Hey, at least we got the part.

Clue 1: Office Newspaper

After the firefight near the gasoline pumps, enter the office with the red counter. Check inside for a newspaper.

M4 Super 90: part 1

After swinging from the hook and clearing the room, a cutscene will take place. Just after this cinematic, look for the small room near the forklift. Here is where you’ll find a part.

M4 Super 90:
part 2

After another protracted gun battle, Giovanna will lower some stairs for you. Instead of going towards them, turn around and find the work bench at the opposite end of the room. You’ll find a part on that workbench.

: part 2

After clearing the enemies from the bus repair bay, enter the bus and grab the gun part from its floor.

M4 Super 90
: part 3

You’ll eventually climb some stairs into a room full of cubicles. Enter the office in the corner to find a gun part on the desk.

Clue 2: Ad Campaign Poster

Continue from the room full of cubicles down some stairs. Take out the enemy in front of you, then look to the wall on your right for a campaign poster.

: part 3

From where you found clue 2, enter the security office as you’re supposed to. Look on the floor behind the desk for the chapter’s final gun part.